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Everything you need to know about: Xsensible

By Press Club

16 May 2022


Picture: Xsensible, SS21 Collection, official website of the brand

Xsensible International is a Dutch shoe brand that takes its inspiration from all corners of the world, especially Japan. The brand cherishes traditional values and combines them with the latest techniques. Known for its Stretchwalker concept, developed in Japan, Xsensible shoes find their origin in the basic principle of the Japanese slipper 'Ippon-ba geta'.


The family business Xsensible was founded as the Nimco shoe factory in Nijmegen in 1904, which is also the brand's parent company to this day. The company soon moved its production to Portugal. In the city of Porto, the shoes are produced in a traditional way in modern factories equipped with the latest machines and production facilities. In these factories, orthopaedic shoes are produced for sister company Nimco, in addition to the Xsensible ready-to-wear shoes. The Xsensible collections are inspired by the trends and looks of the season, with an eye for craftsmanship.


1970 was an important year for parent company Nimco. It moved its production to Portugal and organised a shoe sale in the old factory building in Nijmegen, where shortly afterwards it opened a shopping centre with its first own shop.

Picture: Xsensible, SS21 Collection, official website of the brand
Picture: Xsensible, SS21 Collection, official website of the brand

Nimco is also taking important steps in terms of sustainability. Think of an energy-efficient production location, but also of waste reduction with regard to material use. In 2016 Nimco's Xsensible won The Golden Shoe, the most important award for Dutch shoe companies. Furthermore, Dutch shoe designer Jan Janssen designed a real golden shoe for the Dutch hiking event De Nijmeegse Vierdaagse.


Since the launch of the Stretchwalker concept in 2014, international partners have shown more interest and the number of sales points in the Netherlands rose from 30 to 400 in a short space of time. Sales points are also being added in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Israel, the USA and Canada.

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