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Everything you need to know about: Zancan

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Picture: Zancan, courtesy of the brand

Zancan is a men’s jewellery brand founded by designer Robertino Zancan in the goldsmith district of Vicenza, Italy. The label creates jewellery pieces and watches that combine the highest Italian craftsmanship with the use of innovative materials.

“Zancan is all about getting noticed knowing you’re wearing something unique and expressing your personality,” states the designer on the company’s website.


The label was born in 1989, initially as a manufacturer and distributor of jewellery for women. In 2000, the founder, owner and designer of the company, Robertino Zancan, had the idea to create his first men's jewellery line and to venture into a market niche that was just developing in those years.

The designer’s goal was to create a collection of jewellery and accessories that would elegantly represent a man's personality and accompany him on his journey through life. His creativity and ingenuity are evident in each and every collection, which stand out for their strong personality and innovative details.


In recent years, Zancan has carved out an important place for itself in the world of jewellery. Since its foundation, the brand has always impressed with its ability to guarantee perfection. A team of selected professionals oversees each stage of production with precision, from the processing of raw materials to the fine finishing of the gemstones.

Since 2010, the company has decided to definitively abandon the women's segment and focus exclusively on men's jewellery.

Picture: Zancan, courtesy of the brand


Today, Zancan is present in around 1400 shops in Italy, distributed throughout the country, and in over 600 shops around the world. The 2021 financial year closed with a record turnover of over 7,000,000, double-digit growth compared to 2020 and an increase of around 5% compared to 2019.

In 2022, Zancan continues its collaboration with prestigious automotive manufacturer Bugatti. Furthermore, the brand has been selected as the producer of men's jewellery merchandise for the Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022 through its partnership with the Almajed group. “A prestigious assignment that fills us with pride and satisfaction,” says Riccardo Zancan, ”an important recognition for our work and professionalism.”

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