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FW23 collection by KRAKATAU: "THE MOSS"

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FW23 collection Credits: KRAKATAU

KRAKATAU is renowned as an expert in urban outerwear, creating functional, technologically advanced pieces that seamlessly blend with ultra-fashionable design elements.

KRAKATAU FW23 collection "THE MOSS" is inspired by the patterns of moss covering city walls. Moss becomes a messenger of the forest in the metropolis. Moss reminds us that very near there is a wild world, living according to its own laws, beyond the control of man's games.

This collection features technologically advanced, waterproof jackets and 3-in-1 parkas adaptable to various seasons, weather-appropriate down jackets with cold protection ranging from 5 up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, unisex models including sweatshirts, hoodies, and vests, fleece jackets, pants, and skirts made from durable fabrics, along with functional accessories such as waterproof backpacks, padded camper caps and touchscreen gloves.

FW23 collection Credits: KRAKATAU

KRAKATAU's mission is to prepare human for the unpredictability of natural elements. The brand accomplishes this through modern technologies and meticulously designed futuristic elements including: waterproof fabrics with taped and welded seams providing protection against rain and wind; detachable components adapting clothing to changing weather conditions; magnetic closures offering different fastening options for swift wind protection and keeps the jacket from opening on the move; inner straps for wearing jackets on your shoulders ensuring convenience and comfort indoors; some jackets are equipped with something like a thermal body armor – an additional layer, innovative development called the Heat Contouring™ which protects vital organs from hyperthermia, and much more.

FW23 collection Credits: KRAKATAU

Explore the new collection on the brand's website and in the flagship offline store in Amsterdam.

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