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Helene Galwas x Capolavoro – jewel couture a world innovation

By Press Club

7 Dec 2021


Jewel couture - A sophisticated triangle-shaped foulard made of the highest quality silk combined with a fine rose gold necklace with intricate diamond and velvet details. The perfect symbiosis of jewelry and couture.

Together with the family-run jewelry manufactory and the eponymous label Capolavoro, we have created an exclusive piece!

We have combined our two strengths in this exciting collaboration: the artisan jewelry skills of Capolavoro focusing on second-life sourcing and the passion for wearable couture of our designer Helene Galwas focusing on slow fashion and sustainability, to create a stunning and unique product.

Jewel couture is not just a simple "foulard" with a chain. Due to the cut and the innovative idea of incorporating finest tubular eyelets made of silk, the creation can be worn in different ways - for example as a bandeau top or as an oriental-looking turban. This creates a versatile garment with over 10 different ways to wear it. Of course, both products can also be worn on their own: the necklace as a Y-necklace with a fine blouse or the foulard as a triangular shawl on balmy summer nights.

Jewel couture is ready to be ordered. The foulard will be available in different colors and silk qualities, such as satin and chiffon. Included with the product are exclusive hand-illustrated cards by designer Helene Galwas on all possible ways to wear it.

On order now!

Read more about Helene Galwas on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/helene-galwas