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How Never Fully Dressed are here to prove they are ‘More than a fashion brand’ with their sustainability promise

By Press Club

13 Sep 2021


Born from customising clothes created in Lucy Aylen’s parent’s attic to be sold at Portobello and Spitalfields markets Never Fully Dressed has grown into the Globally renowned brand it is today.

Although a long way from the market days we still appreciate our growing responsibility and environmental impact as a fashion brand.

As a promise to increase our sustainable offering each month areas of the business have been reviewed in line with our social responsibility practices

Our customer is our influencer and sits at the heart of our business. In 2019 we introduced our pre-loved initiative to encourage the life cycle of our customer’s wardrobe. Offering NFD loyalty points in return for pre-loved NFD customers are encouraged to send items back which we then sell on via our Depop channel.

International suppliers are an extension of our NFD family and have been with us since the beginning. Never Fully Dressed’s ethos of creating a safe working environment with strong ethical values at the forefront of any business is crucial to us and why as a brand we maintain a very close relationship with all suppliers

As part of our continued effort to reduce our environmental impact we have introduced recycled polyester and biodegradable fabrics such as viscose, lyocell and organic cotton to our range. 100% of our new swimwear range is made from recycled polyester, which is made up of recycled plastic bottles. Our denim range, launched in 2021, is manufactured using eco-friendly chemicals and used 1/3 of water compared to regular/conventional denim wash machines.

We strive to reduce waste in all our processes, that’s why we use waste fabric from our garments to create drawstring bags for accessories and face coverings. This summer we also launched our new recyclable packaging which is made from sustainable materials to reduce packaging waste.

As a brand we are committed to improving the life of animals and ensuring animals products, except for by-products from the meat industry, are not used within the manufacture or sourcing of our products.

Never Fully Dressed aim to increase their sustainable offering by 5% each month and will be committed to expanding on this as we grow

Read more about Never Fully Dressed on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/never-fully-dressed