Icebreaker: More Wear, Less Impact With Tees For Good

London, 13 May 2019 - New Zealand-based apparel company icebreaker works with what nature provides to create high-performing outdoor clothing using natural merino fibers, as an alternative to plastic based synthetic apparel.

This Spring/Summer 2019 season, icebreaker challenges consumers to think about what their clothing is made of, and the effect it has on the environment. By asking customers, ‘What impact does your T-shirt have?’ the brand creates a starting point for people to be conscious consumers and make a change for good.

icebreaker was founded on the belief that nature has the answers and is on a mission to educate people about the detrimental impact of apparel made from petrochemical-based plastics. Washing synthetic clothing releases plastic microfibers into the oceans - up to 700,000 in one wash. Today, microfibers make up 85% of human-made debris on shorelines around the globe. The less synthetic fibers in clothing, the less microfibers that are released. Wearing natural merino fibers, as found in icebreaker apparel, is a way forward in reducing the amount of plastic pollution in the future.

Another benefit of merino is that it needs less washing, because it is naturally odor-resistant. Washing clothes less means even fewer microfibres released and often helps reduce the burden on the world’s water resources – the average laundry wash uses up to 152 liters of water – and it frees people up to stay active for longer.

icebreaker is encouraging people to take on the #teesforgood challenge. With the proposition, ‘7 days, 1 tee, 0 washes,’ consumers are encouraged to try wearing their icebreaker for seven days before washing.

Chief Brand and Product Officer, Carla Murphy, says: “This season we wanted to drive a message behind our collections and intrinsic to our brand values: one that enables consumers to get involved with a ‘Move to natural™’ – a concept designed to show how small steps can provide long-term positive solutions for the environment and our planet.”

“Tees are wardrobe staples, so opting for an icebreaker tee, which is made with a high percentage of natural merino fibers, is more than a clothing choice – it’s an ethical one and it’s an easy place to start to make a difference,” she says.

“This season we encourage consumers to find out more about the impact of their clothing choices and seek out where their clothes come from. We believe that with knowledge comes choice, and we aim to share insight and transparency to create that choice and fuel a movement towards more natural apparel solutions. There has never been a better time to wear your sustainability on your sleeve – ‘Move to natural™’ and live a life less plastic.”



In lightweight, silky soft COOL-LITE™ fabric made from a blend of TENCEL® and merino for outstanding temperature regulating comfort in warm and hot conditions, with corespun fibers for enhanced durability. The regular fit features a soft open neck, forward-set seams for comfort and a drop-tail hem for added coverage.


icebreaker’s versatile wear-anywhere tee in natural merino, corespun for added durability. The regular fit features a soft, open neck and offset shoulder seams to prevent pack rub.


This tee offers high-performance cooling and comfort for warm and hot conditions. In fast-wicking COOL-LITE™ fabric, it features corespun fibers for enhanced durability. In a regular fit, it includes a set-in sleeve construction for comfort, eyelet mesh back for full ventilation and a drop-tail hem for added coverage.


In a relaxed cut for fast-moving adventures in warm and hot conditions, Kinetica features COOL-LITE™ fabric, corespun for enhanced durability. The eyelet mesh allows for full ventilation, and the bonded forward shoulder seams and low-profile merrow stitch provide superb next-to-skin comfort.


Offering the ultimate comfort in warm-to-hot conditions, the Elements tee is made from fast-wicking COOL-LITE™ fabric, corespun for durability. Designed for comfort wherever your adventures take you, it features a soft, open neck, forward-set side seams, dolman sleeves and longer length for added coverage.


Founded by Jeremy Moon in 1995 in New Zealand, icebreaker pioneered the ethical and sustainable production of performance apparel. Now a part of the VF Corporation, icebreaker continues to challenge the status quo while championing natural, transparent and responsible ways to do business.

Following the publication of its Transparency Report in January 2018, icebreaker was one of only a handful of brands to be awarded an A+ business rating in the 2018 Baptist World Aid’s Ethical Fashion Report. The report found icebreaker to be excellent in every area, including scrutiny of policy, traceability, transparency, supplier relationships and worker rights at every stage of the production process.

icebreaker looks to nature for the answers and for innovative ways to do more with less. Working with what nature provides and adapting as nature does, icebreaker enables consumers to join a movement towards choosing nature and preserving our planet for generations to come.

icebreaker is sold in more than 5,000 stores in 50 countries through wholesale, Touch Lab retail stores and e-commerce platforms.


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