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ID.EIGHT is a sustainable, Made in Italy sneaker brand that is not only unisex and cruelty-free but also made from materials deriving from the by-products of the food industry such as apple skin and hearts, grape skin and seeds, and pineapple leaves. The brand originated with the union of its two founders, both emerged in the world of footwear: Dong Seon Lee, footwear designer, and Giuliana Borzillo, product manager.

Working together day in and day out, they gave life to an all new sneaker collection–a winning combination of fresh and trendy ‘90s-inspired styles with an eco-friendly twist. ID.EIGHT sneakers are primarily made of three types of leather like materials that all derive from waste by-products from the agricultural fruit processing industry: pineapple «leather» made from pineapple leaves from the Philippines and grape and apple «leather» from Italy that comes from the bio polymerization from the wine process and of the non-edible parts of apples, respectively. The lycra and mesh details on the upper as well as the sole, shoelaces, and label are all made from recycled materials.


The packing is also made in such a way as to have a positive impact on the environment: the shoebox is made from recycled paper and each box contains a «seed bomb», a mix of earth and flowers seeds enclosed in a clay sphere that can either be planted in a vase or launched in a park in your city. With this small gesture, together, we strive to contribute to biodiversity and create a more favorable habitat for bees.

The ID.EIGHT collection is made up of two styles, Duri and Hana, presented in various colorways, of which several are carry-overs. Hana is the style with the dynamic and modern «running» sole while Duri is its more classic and versatile counterpart. Both styles have a removable footbed and the iconic ID.EIGHT logo -printed on the heel tab and as a label on the tongue.

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