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Inspiration Wednesday. How The Handbag Awards Changes Lives.

By Press Club


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Inspiration Wednesday.

Florina Sirman worked in finance. While on her maternity leave, she discovered making handbags and loved it so much, she never went back. Florina was very methodical about everything she did from the design, to adding elements not seen on a handbag, to price. Florina applied to The Handbag Awards without much experience and won The Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design category. The Handbag Awards changed her life. She now has the interest of global retailers, attended her first trade show, and even was set up with The Accessory Think Tank to ensure her next collection would be cohesive and priced for the market. Florina is also from Romania. 

This goes to show, wherever you are from or at with your brand, you just never know and have so much to gain. 

Apply by April 25th by midnight EST. Continue to check TheHandbagAwards.com for new categories and additions. 

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