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KangaROOS Celebrates All-American Fashion With PreppyROOS

By Press Club



Credits: KangaROOS

It has been years since KangaROOS has designed a silhouette that does not originate in the athlete’s world but in fashion. But here we are. This shoe is an on feet statement that is derived from the style and look of the most enduring menswear code of America’s 20th century – the Preppy Style. This is where the all new „PreppyROOS” comes from. The „PreppyROOS” is the footwear that goes along with the evergreen fashion trend of Preppy, the defining look and feel of all-American fashion. Some of the biggest brands are based on it, even to this day. Preppy is a thing that will forever be cool.

Credits: KangaROOS

The „PreppyROOS” has the everyday elegance you want at work, but it also offers the ease of wear that you know from your sneakers. The first edition consists of six colorways made of premium leather. All styles feature a black Vibram Morflex sole, two sets of laces and variations of removable tassels made of super soft Nappa leather.

Credits: KangaROOS

The model is 100% handcrafted in KangaROOS’ family-business owned “Hummel&Hummel Schuhmanufaktur”; every step in the process bears the label „Made in Germany.“ The small factory -just a few kilometers away from the KangaROOS offices in Pirmasens in midst the Palatinate Forest- is committed to help keep the regional craft of shoemaking alive. Not only by local production, but also by choosing recycled materials, KangaROOS is dedicated to reduce the environmental impact of shoe production: The sockliner is made of recycled PET bottles collected in ocean clean ups; the footbed of 86% recycled leftover fabrics.

KangaROOS: Made in Germany at Hummel&Hummel Schuhmanufaktur

From the very beginning, the intention of the small, family-owned shoe factory was to bring people together who passionately work on a shoe and create an outstanding product with joy and pride. Highly specialized shoe craftsmen work hand in hand with specially trained novices and refugees who found a temporary home in the region. Passing on the knowledge about shoe production and preserving the shoe tradition of the family and the location Pirmasens is immensely important, as well as to align the family business with a regional production in a sustainable and future-oriented way. Quality, both in terms of materials and craftsmanship, is the number one concern for all work steps. Class instead of mass, quality before quantity. Always with the measure of the entire shoe being manufactured 100 percent Made in Germany. Hummel&Hummel does not buy shoes from other production sites, neither within the country nor anywhere overseas. All work steps are carried out on site.

Credits: KangaROOS
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