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Karine Augis' art deco shopping bags

By Press Club


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Overflow tote bag from Karine Augis, courtesy of the brand

Karine Augis describes her creations as “objects to wear inspired by the world of decoration and design”. Since 2019, the former artistic director in communication and media has given herself the mission of reworking the basics of the Parisian wardrobe and reinventing one of her flagship pieces: the tote bag.

Creations inspired by Art Deco

A graduate of fine arts and a confirmed illustrator, Karine Augis draws her own original patterns inspired by the decorative arts. She affixes them to bags and accessories with elegant curves and timeless designs, thus finding the perfect balance between style and practicality, the magic formula for active and sophisticated women.

The brand’s collections consist of bags, a clutch, a briefcase and small leather accessories such as a glasses case.

The shopping bag, dear to the heart of the Parisian and an iconic piece of her wardrobe, is decorated in the elegant and graphic signature pattern of Karine Augis. It deserves its reputation as the ideal everyday companion; inside the big bag is a smaller little pouch to put your belongings in.

Products made in French workshops

If Karine Augis likes luxurious details and beautiful materials, she is no less concerned about her commitment to the environment. It has always been about a sustainable and environmentally-friendly production process for the brand. This allowed her to develop her own high-quality woven material, printed and coated canvas, OEKO-TEX certified and manufactured in French workshops exclusively for Karine, without components that are bad for the environment or dangerous to people’s health.

With this sensitive attitude and her feminine designs, there is no doubt that Karine Augis will quickly become the brand to follow. Other models, including a line for men, will be unveiled in the coming months.

Lindy Hop pouch from Karine Augis, courtesy of the brand
Karine Augis