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Little Hedonist: Conscious Kids Wear

By Press Club

9 Aug 2022


Little Hedonist, SS23

Our SS23 Collection Mountains at Sea is the name of the small village we spend most of our time. It’s the place where Little Hedonist is born. The air is light and fresh. The smell of salty sea water walks hand in hand with the smell of sand dunes & conifers. It’s quit, feels a bit abandoned in the morning and after the golden hour when the sun is down. Sometimes you find a seal resting on the beach.

During summer days the sounds comes mostly from children voices. Laughing, having fun, and making memories together. They marvel at a crab, a jellyfish, or a starfish maybe. Very tempting to grab a surfboard and hit the waves.

It’s our happy place. Come and join.

About Little Hedonist

Little Hedonist is a 100% dutch label and our products are based on the thought that kids wear can be of great comfort and be fashionable at the same time. With our minimalistic design, fantastic fit and the best quality in fabric we create a collection that is not just a basic collection, but a Basic Couture Collection. Essentials that are a must-have in all children’s closets, items that upgrade the wardrobe even if they are basics. Cause there are so many things we want, yet little we need in life. Especially in clothing.

With this in mind, we created a no-nonsense, high quality, durable, incredibly comfy and fashionable collection for your child to wear all year round. Clothes that last so the environment will last as well. We use organic materials, of course. But also recycled material, we don’t just consume, use, and throw away.

Fotografie en film door Heidigita.

Sustainable story

We work and produce under the STEp Certificate, next to our GOTS an Oekotex certificates. Where GOTS and Oekotex are mostly about fabrics, STEp takes it further and is way more demanding on sustainability. It obliges us to be sustainable and responsible across the entire production chain. This means in every department in our company. Since we belief children are the future, we accepted this high level of requirements and adjusted our ways of working wherever we could.

We encourage buyers, stores, consumers to buy sustainable like we are. To pay maybe a bit more for something that lasts longer. To be aware of the future. Cause our children are the future! Let’s contribute to keep the world a good place.

Stop wearing out, start wearing well. Join us in this movement.

Little Hedonist, SS23
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