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LK Bennett: Our Brand Story

By Press Club

14 Feb 2022


Picture: LK Bennett, courtesy of the brand

Founded in Wimbledon in 1990, we are a British accessible luxury brand with a vibrant London heartbeat.

Our elegant clothing, shoe and handbag collections explore color, print and classic design through a contemporary lens. Everything is designed in-house and beautifully made harnessing expert craftsmanship, creating distinctive, quality pieces that you’ll wear over and over again.

Our unique selection of clothing, shoes and accessories are all designed in our London-based head office and beautifully crafted in the best factories in Europe and the Far East.

Picture: LK Bennett, courtesy of the brand

LK Bennett stands for enduring style and confidence; we design for those who want to look effortlessly polished and feel their best. All our collections are designed in-house with a distinctive handwriting that combines signature detailing with striking colors, distinctive prints and flattering fit and a quality that is designed to be treasured. We want to empower and inspire confident femininity for a new era of women's women.

All of our designs are dreamt up in our London HQ using the finest fabrics, beautiful prints and finessed with our signature detailing and it’s these that makes L.K.B so special. We pride ourselves on focusing on quality over quantity and creating small, luxury collections featuring unique styles. We celebrate our rich heritage and creative thinking with each and every design and our talented team meticulously create each piece to ensure they are of exceptional quality.

We’re committed to being a responsible fashion brand, and strive to do more to achieve this with every collection. Our design teams work hard to source sustainable fabrics, for example, our ethically-sourced mohair, and work with sustainable factories to consciously create keep-forever pieces that won’t end up in landfill and cause harm to our planet.

LK Bennett, courtesy of the brand
LK Bennett, courtesy of the brand
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LK Bennett