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LLOYD Women’s collection FW 2021/22

By Press Club

4 Mar 2021

Abstract Nature

Appreciation of and closeness to our roots – nature and our own childhood – have never been on our minds as much as now. The current hardly conceivable situation and the coronavirus, bringing restrictions in our lives and social interaction, is leading to escapism into carefree times. Newly discovered values and nearly forgotten childhood memories arise in seeking out originality and authenticity with a creative sense of sustainability. Green Fighters and a wave of gentle protests encounter an urban approach to pathfinder romanticism with nature as a retreat, a source of inspiration and strength. Sought are crafted products with soul and a see-it and feel-it patina supported by the essential outdoor touch.

As in previous years, classics like black ankle boots and laced boots remain. Alongside these, statement models appear with tough soles and hiking/climbing boot themes for exploring the urban jungle and nature. New shaft heights for ankle boots thread through the entire collection.

Tough Boots

Rugged, more rugged – combat boots! The tough laced boots with thick soles are our absolute favourites among shoe trends in the coming autumn/winter season. The showstopper among the soles: Xtralight construction makes them optically tough but they are particularly light and make sure of a stylish and comfortable impact. Simply made for slushy conditions and constant rain, they are ideal for combining with all of our looks and give every outfit that certain coolness – not least with their unusual shaft heights.

Chunky Chelsea Boots

One of the newest top trends for autumn/winter is Chelsea boots with an up-to-date makeover. With their extra wide rubber soles with the striking profile and higher shafts, these otherwise discreet shoes now turn into up-to-the-minute eye-catchers – and into a real autumn alternative to the sneaker.

Hiking Boots: The Next Outdoor Hybrid Level

Ideal for outdoors, these shoes move up to a new level with hybrid silhouettes: this style has already justified its raison d' être – and the urban environment cannot be envisaged without the hiking boot in the upcoming season. The stitched boot offers protection against the cold, while the soles with a Caramato look and zigzag profiles ensure a firm grip on rough terrain. The details are derived from activewear and come with pleasant quick lacing and cord drawstrings.


The design of the shaft has a calmer appearance. Apart from clean materials in neutral colours and white, the impression is mainly of shades of olive and mud. Overall themes like trekking and climbing enter the world of sneakers. Be this agraffe or corded laces, quick lacing and cord fixing: the details from activewear are unmistakable.


Loafers celebrate their comeback. Because on warm autumn days, the classic much-loved style of the loafer ideally complements the feminine dress and is the perfect contrast to a casual denim look.

LLOYD Materials and Colour Palette

Primarily, our fine calfskin awaits you with a wonderful handcrafted finish together with natural shades in suede. The colour palette in the autumn/winter collection concentrates mainly – and more than otherwise – on black, brown and sand hues to brighten up the overall appearance. Colour accentuation in the coming collection is set by rich green.

Read more about LLOYD on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/lloyd