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Loroetu Italian Jewelry

By Press Club

13 Sep 2021


LOROETU is a project born in 2010 in Milan from the creativity and the synergy of two sisters Monica and Sabrina Pria Dolfini who have combined their different skills in order to develop a recognizable brand in the fashion market and in vanguard jewelry for linear and refined aesthetics of the forms but also for ethics and poetics of the enclosed message in every product.

The pay-off shouts "rebel jewels" (gioielli ribelli) because the jewels have voice and an opinion, encourage, reveal a story, open the imagination to an emotion with awareness messages in which the nature and respect for life are the main characters.

LOROETU born under Monica and Sabrina's decision to pool their experiences and common intuition to create a brand that makes people feel good and happy.

The name LORO E TU  (born of the union between the pronouns "they" and "you” in a Universal social harmony) is already Manifesto of the philosophy that permeates and guides, declared into a thousand variations, every collection of the brand.

For this reason, the themes of LOROETU collections are actually the result of interior developments and real steps of the lives of the two creators; passages where of course everyone can reflect.

Harmonious synergies to create a communication style suitable for a proud refined Made in Italy, from the fresh vitality and impetus. The products are made of 925 silver, when used the stones are real and precious.

The important ethical values inherent in the product are lightened by the futuristic design of the linearity, the freshness of communication, from playful packaging and the choice of very brand new colors by positioning LOROETU on a rare level of genuine originality.

The product has also found success in increasing interest in people who are looking for a “different” jewel to wear or to present because beyond the design there are deep concepts to help us live better. People who buy LOROETU jewelry feel completely in tune with the object they are wearing, aware of the message contained in the product, they draw courage and strength from it.

Monica and Sabrina - the creative team of LOROETU - also study and create tailor-made customized design products on request for everybody. LOROETU, in line with its philosophy, is happy to collaborate creatively with ethical entrepreneurs in favor of nature and animals and with celebrities and artists committed to making this planet better… them and you (translation Loro e Tu)!  LOROETU joined the One Tree Planted Organization: for each  jewel sale, it contributes planting a tree in Amazonia for an increasingly conscious future.

Read more about LOROETU on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/loroetu