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Luxury lingerie brand Aurore

By Press Club



Aurore is a luxury lingerie brand based in London specializing in high-quality handmade lingerie. We focus on sustainability, environmental ethics, and innovative practices that deliver a luxury experience without sacrificing social responsibility. We do not overproduce and support the "less is better" approach to apparel production with our capsule collections.

Sustainability is not just about the fabrics we use, it is about the way we run the business, how we chose to produce, treat people and ultimately our impact in society - reinforcing awareness on overconsumption by informing the end consumer on impact of mass market and offering AURORE as the alternative.

Sustainability starts from within, with the way we operate from the core and our impact on society. Lingerie may not be the segment where we have the most material waste, but it is the segment highly reliant on humans that create the pieces, and also the segment, where sadly, some outlets continue to support the overconsumption of cheaper and less quality goods, the goods, in short, that already have damaged the Earth and people involved in the production process. We chose to stand against those practices.

Our consumers are environmentally conscious and driven to change the world to become a better place. Women have a complex relationship with their body as it goes through natural life cycles. We strive to empower their lives with lingerie that is comfortable, of quality materials and excellent fit. We source as close to home as possible and work with small and family-owned manufacturers in the luxury segment in Italy and France.

AURORE was created in London in 2018 by Alexandra Di Nella, a former technology consultant. Alex brought her passion for creating sophisticated lingerie, quality made apparel, and sustainability together. Alex is focusing her attention on ethical production in every detail from sourcing materials personally to packaging. The current AURORE collection draws inspiration from the 90s style, bringing back the use of lace, tulle, embroidery and silk.

Aurore was created for a new generation of women - strong, sensual, and ready to transform the world. Our team designs timeless pieces with comfort and durability in mind for women who appreciate elegant minimalism, sustainability, and exquisite Italian craftsmanship. AURORE recently joined forces with Bra Recyclers, a social enterprise focused on reuse and recycling of new and used bras and other lingerie. Pre-loved and new bras are donated to nonprofits around the world that support women and girls escaping domestic violence, human trafficking, or girls who cannot afford school because they don't have a bra.

“When shopping, consider that small choices on a day-to-day basis will make a big impact on our future.” Alexandra Di Nella