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Menswear label Neem London launches with focus on low carbon practice

By Press Club

19 Nov 2021


Neem London launches with a collection evoking classic menswear reset and reframed for the modern man and built on a foundation of low carbon practice. Shirts, knitwear and tailoring are more relaxed and relevant, echoing new working environments. This modern vision is echoed in the production, packaging, materials and business initiatives investing in regenerated textiles, regenerative agriculture, accountability across logistics and biodegradable packaging.

The Neem London launch collection is concise with each garment carefully considered and constructed. The shirt collection is made from recycled and low carbon fabrics and offers the elegance of a formal shirt tempered by a technical, easy fit. Attention to detail across all elements of the manufacture, transportation, packaging, and fabrications means that Neem London produces the lowest carbon emitting shirt globally.

Neem London is founded by storied menswear stalwart Nick Reed whose vision was to create a modern menswear brand that explores the space between tailoring and traditional business wear and the newly emerging casual world that still requires a level of sharpness.

‘My aim was to create a modern menswear brand that incorporated responsible and slower business practices addressing many of the concerns within the fashion industry. I am pleased that we have managed, with a lot of focus and expertise, to incorporate sustainable fabrications, biodegradable packaging and the Wear Well take back scheme. These fundamentals are the perfect platform for the collection and for men who want to invest in more than just how they look. Saying that we have designed a post pandemic business uniform that is elegant, versatile, louche and comfortable. Working with recycled yarns and constructions on an exclusive basis, using the lowest-impact, recycled cotton fibre in today’s global market. The style is louche tailoring inspired by Douglas Jardine, Julian Schnabel and Richie in The Royal Tenenbaums but focused on low carbon and a new circular economy.’’- Nick Reed, Founder, NEEM London

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