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Meomari's luxury petwear: A game changer in minimalist design for dogs

By Press Club


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Luxury petwear by MEOMARI Credits: MEOMARI

MEOMARI is a pioneering lifestyle brand that harmonises art, minimalist design, and the unique bonds we share with our dogs. MEOMARI extends the sphere of style to the often-overlooked world of dog products, reinventing them into statement pieces that reflect the curated aesthetics of their human owners. The brand is distinguished by its innovative design and meticulously crafted products, a result of intensive research’. The mission of MEOMARI, under Beije's stewardship, is to foster a community of dog lovers who share a profound appreciation for art and design, and to offer them a sophisticated range of products that echo their thematic lifestyles.

What was the initial idea behind Meomari?

We are art and design fanatics, curating every aspect in our life to fit with our thematic lifestyles. There was a disconnect trying to extend our style onto what we love so much; our dogs. MEOMARI is driven by the aspiration to offer lifestyle products that harmonise with our personal style, which is infused with our adoration for art, minimalist timeless design and an adoration of the unique bonds we have with our dogs.

What was the starting phase of the brand like and how did you experience the process?

Starting MEOMARI without any experience in this industry was tough. We faced many challenges and underwent years of trial and error in our product development, committed to create products that completely embody our vision in both appearance and usage. I am sure it would have been much easier if we didn’t reinvent the wheel ourselves. But we couldn't settle for the easy way out. We were, and despite everything, still are driven by the need to innovate and truly understand every aspect of our product, its wearer, and the consumer. The process was a rollercoaster ride, but we persevered and built a lifestyle brand that reflects our values and explores the relationship we have with art.

Meomari specialises in progressive, technical inventions for dogs. What does the product development process look like and what makes the designs special?

We invest substantially in product development, from exploring new designs to new techniques used to enhance our products. Our product development process includes research on designs, materials, customer insights and selecting the best craftsman for the product at hand. Our design process can take up to a year due to the alterations that are required after product testing. Once the design is finalized, we enter the sampling and eventually production stage which requires rigorous quality control to ensure all products meet our stringent standards. Because our products are quite difficult to develop, the process can be stressful, but the reward in creating the impossible product is priceless.

Pet fashion and gear has been a growing sector for a few years now. In what ways does Meomari differentiate itself from competitors?

MEOMARI differentiates through a recognizable monumental style, expressing our thematic vision and identity. We translate our human need for deepening in life onto our dogs. We don’t market a dog product; we market a lifestyle product used by dogs. Our products reflect the lifestyles of their owners without losing functionality.

Who is the Meomari customer and how do you make sure to reach them from a marketing perspective?

The MEOMARI customer seeks for intellectual deepening into design. They thoughtfully curate their lives around their conceptual lifestyles and seek to invest in style and quality, not the logo the product carries. Lastly, there is a growing generation that values authenticity and no longer feels the need to distinguish themselves with a logo. We believe that we speak their language and can connect with them on a deeper level through the community that we are building.

So far, Meomari is distributed through an online shop. What are the plans for Meomari in terms of retail?

We are interested in expanding our retailer network to expose MEOMARI to consumers and are carefully curating locations that serve as shopping destinations for our brand and offer an immersive experience.

Elsewhere it is mentioned that Meomari will expand their range in 2024. What can customers expect in terms of products?

MEOMARI will strive to always be a forerunner in terms of innovation and design. Our products reflect the world we live in today. Thus, we are exploring more technical designs that are a crossover of street style and jewellery.

Let’s take a look into the future: What ambitions does Meomari have for years to come?

Our ambitions are to build a community where dogs, innovative design and art converge. We wish to collaborate with like-minded artists and create impactful products that connect with our consumers and act as a platform for self-expression.

MEOMARI Managing Director Madelief Beije Credits: MEOMARI
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