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Merrell presents ‘Going Out Out’: A campaign spotlighting the women of the outdoors

By Press Club

29 Jun 2022


Picture: Merrell, courtesy of the brand

The ladies are ‘Going Out Out’ in the latest video series from Merrell. Shining a light on three inspiring women, the series will offer an insight into how they harness the outdoors to help and inspire others.

Covering a range of subjects close to their hearts, the series draws on themes including mental health, creativity, education, community, and loss to demonstrate the power of the outdoors and the long-lasting positive effects of time spent outside.

Each woman offers their own inspiring story, uncovered throughout the campaign.

Dr Jade Adams White is a Mental Health practitioner working in secondary education, supporting young people by introducing them to nature. Using her expertise in psychology and a passion for the outdoors, she set up the Jadeite Project in September 2020. Reconnecting people to nature through guided walks, the project provides a constructive avenue for helping people’s psychological and physically wellbeing.

Picture: Merrell, courtesy of the brand

Trina Dawkins is a trail running specialist, with multiple marathons under her belt. Participating as a junior athlete at borough level, she has gone on to explore the natural world through running. Her running story took a turn with grief following the death of her mother in 2021, and has been exploring the healing power of nature through her running trail running. A member of the Black Trail Runners, a community group that seeks to increase inclusion, participation and representation of black people in running, she is part of a movement to proactively encourage greater diversity in running.

Lauren Cook has many strings to her bow working as a stop-motion animator, Molecular Ecology PhD student and a London National Park City Ranger. Each facete of her life informs the other. As a motion animator, her work is influenced by her role as a City Ranger, using it as creative inspiration to create animations that educate, inform and inspire others. Further inspiration has been taken from her own studies, which look into how modern DNA technology can monitor biodiversity.

Picture: Merrell, courtesy of the brand

Collectively, Merrell explores each of their stories as they go out out with Jade, Trina and Lauren to uncover their stories and find out how they draw strength, inspiration, and a sense of belonging from being at one with the world around them.

Together, the women are forging a path to increase inclusivity and participation in outdoor activities, inspiring more women and younger generations to engage in outdoor activities and have a deeper respect for nature and the natural environment.

Picture: Merrell, courtesy of the brand