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Miomojo's sustainable approach

By Press Club

15 Oct 2021


A new season often inspires changes and particularly the past year has brought a significant wind of change for everyone.

Confirmed by Greta Thunberg’s last climate protests in Italy, Gen-Z and millennial shoppers in particular are acutely aware of the environmental concerns that fashion produces and are demanding answers. It’s the younger communities, the biggest buyers of fast fashion, who are now pushing for an evolution, followed by the other generations, nowadays all much aware.

Miomojo stands for a fashion system without victims and a kinder world, making its part since 2012, choosing only cruelty-free and sustainable materials, and concretely supporting animal welfare and environmental projects. On their channels, they raise awareness for a kinder lifestyle. And that is not all, as they combine ethics with aesthetics: their design is handcrafted for modern elegance and functionality.

Already a Benefit Company, they are finalising the process to become a B Corporation, hence being officially recognized as a Company that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Last but not least, they offset their deliveries’ CO2 emissions through investments in environmental and climate protection projects. The packaging they use is made of recycled paper or corn starch.

Creating a cruelty-free and sustainable brand is a great challenge. Miomojo started its journey with the same values as today almost 10 years ago. In recent times, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable fashion is becoming mainstream. After Covid this is even more a must. The time has finally come and Miomojo is ready to face it with passion and authenticity.

In the last months they have been unstoppable, presenting many new launches. The latest addition are three mini bags, two Angelica and one Gemma, coming in three gorgeous colours, all made from Corn Leather.

This bio-based material has several environmental benefits, compared to the production of a traditional synthetic bag: significant decrease of global warming of 13%, less than 44% of natural resources depletion and less 34% of ozone consumption.

These bags are casual and stylish at the same time, indeed they can be worn from morning to night. The handles allow them to be carried both cross-body and over the shoulder, or even as handbags. Another goal scored for this vegan brand, now become a point of reference in this emerging sector.

Read more about Miomojo on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/miomojo