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napo gloves: premium leather gloves with innovative touchscreen technology

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napo gloves

What makes our product unique?

Innovative touchscreen technology

Whether you want to answer a call, use the navigation system in your car or use your digital at a shooting – with napo gloves touchscreen leather gloves you can use all touch-sensitive displays. Not only your smartphone, tablet and camera, but also navigation systems, bank- and ticketing machines are compatible with napo gloves. The new NAPOTOUCH technology turns the entire palm into a touchpoint. It does not matter if you use your phone with your little finger, your thumb or your palm.

napo gloves

Finest lambnappa leather

napo gloves with touchscreen functionality are made from soft but durable nappa leather. A detailed and clean finish ensures a comfortable fit. The gloves for winter are warm with a high-quality lining. The car gloves from napo gloves protect against heat and cold. They also ensure good air circulation and a secure grip. The touchscreen function is completely invisible in the leather and safely protected against abrasion. Their modern style and minimalist design make napo gloves a timeless accessory that sets fashionable accents.

napo gloves

The most modern gloves that follow technological trends

Currently, gloves are more and more often considered to be a daily and year-round wardrobe. This is due to the fact that designers promote also summer kind of gloves, which helps every fashion-lover make an outfit more unique. What is more, luxury leather gloves available in online shop napgloves.com are dedicated to a generation of young spirit, emancipated women and men, that are open to innovation and technique. In this case, we are talking about touchscreen gloves equipped with touch technology that allow to use touch screens of smartphones, tablets and other similar devices.

napo gloves

Read more about napo gloves on their brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/napo-gloves

Napo Gloves