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No Excess NOOS

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An important part of No Excess and Qubz is the B2B collaboration with our customers. We are a company that mainly consists of pre-order and partly re-order in the form of seasonal items, Noos and Seasonal Noos items.

Because there has been a positive change in our market in recent years, between retailer and supplier, it is a must for us to work this way. As a result, we have rapidly upgraded our automation to future standards. The different parameters that drive the market, are the foundation for achieving the best result together. A continuous flow of data between us and our customers is of great importance. This sounds all great but the balance in the established stock is very important. Therefore, we spread this stock in a Nos program including Jeans, Shirts and Underwear. We compare the stock in the seasonal items with the pre-ordered items so that the most widely accepted items in the market can be delivered properly. In collaboration with several customers, we create a package of Seasonal Noos items. These are the pillars in the collection which will have a deep stock, to be able to give direction to our customers during a large part of the season. This package has been expanded in recent years because we have seen a significant improvement in our customers’ numbers.

In other words, the automatic control of slow and fast movers ensures that the various parameters are healthy for the retailer and us. If you do not have automation in the form of EDI or another system, we also offer a B2B webshop. The webshop contains articles from the current seasons, but also from previous years in a sales section. This allows us to keep our stock running out healthy. More retailers will establish this way of B2B cooperation in the coming years. It will result in healthy growth for our clients and our company in the future. Making the right choices in partners is essential.

No Excess and Qubz, are ready for it!

Read more about No Excess on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/no-excess

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