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Rains outlines brand evolution journey before launch of new brand identity

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Image: Rains

COPENHAGEN - Rains summarizes its brand evolution journey on the eve of the new logo and logomark launch.

What New logo and 'Sun' logomark; recap of brand evolution journey to date; Sun Interpretation project

When New identity launches January 2022

For three years, Rains has been working to evolve its brand, product offering, and business. That journey is ongoing but is now underlined by a new logo and logomark.

More than rainwear.

Founded in Denmark, Rains quickly garnered a following for its curated collections of timeless rainwear silhouettes. All pieces were minimal, functional, and constructed from a signature coated PU.

In 2019, then a frontrunner in city-ready rainwear, Rains began work to cement associations beyond wet weather. For product, that trajectory is epitomized by Rains' thermal outerwear category. We took the waterproof fabric identity and design language of our rainwear and reflected them across thermal and transitional outerwear. So, what was a very product-centric niche became the essence of a compelling brand narrative," says Daniel Brix Hesselager, Co-Founder.

Image: Rains

Runway shows and campaigns.

That narrative has been elevated through ambitious runway shows, primarily as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week and imminently for the Menswear FW22 Paris Fashion Week. The shows have become an invaluable driver for inspiration and innovation, birthing exclusive capsules, limited-edition footwear collaborations, and greater investment in campaign storytelling.

Premium aspiration.

Rains is also working to inhabit a more premium position. That aspiration is fueled by product developments, collaborations, and standalone design concepts; as well as evocative runway shows and campaigns. Rains has also transitioned to a more selective distribution approach, new upgraded retail concepts and investment in class-A showrooms in key city locations.

Outdoor exploration and Sun logomark.

The brand's evolution journey is led by a strategic purpose. Today, Rains does not exist solely to repel harsh weather but to also enable consumers to explore their urban spaces and find inspiration. The new 'Sun' logomark represents the positive opportunities in every wet, cold, or windy city commute or outing. Metaphorical sunshine in the rain.

Image: Rains

Sun interpretation installation.

To mark the launch of its new identity, three Danish artists will interpret Rains' Sun logomark in three mediums: metal, concrete, and paint. The works will be displayed in Rains' conceptual Copenhagen store from January 2022.

"The new identity does not mark a definitive change. This is work we have been doing for some time. Rather the new logo and logomark denote a point of no return. A milestone in our continued journey," concludes Daniel Brix Hesselager.

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