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Souliers Martinez FW 21: The Bardenas desert

By Press Club

24 Feb 2021

Unlimited space, the sheer immensity of nature, a desire for purity, silence and serenity – such are the auspices under which the Souliers Martinez Fall Winter 2021 collection was created.

A long-lasting travel memory from the Bardenas, a semi-desertic region in Northern Spain: dramatic landscapes of plateaus and canyons, where you feel like a dot in the wind between Earth and Sky.

Out of space, out of time – a bubble, the promise of a new frontier, a spot to retire from a troubled world, regroup and dream of tomorrow.

The collection focuses on the brand’s Spanish DNA, celebrating a confident and everlasting elegance with provincial accents. It opens up to a lesser-known side of Spain: beyond sunny summers and siestas on the beach, Spain is also about winters, cold winds and a crisp, white mountain light.

Souliers Martinez envisions a woman who lives out her lifelong passion riding horses in this desert. The collection mirrors her proud identity: strong, dedicated, obstinate, yet undeniably feminine. Squared shapes are inspired by rich 70s fashion: flared heels, platforms and thicker outsoles affirm her inner self and the bold image she projects.

The collection features cowboy boots in braided leather and laced boots: an audacious addition to the brand’s delicate models, they have a deliberate, strong effect with a playful, feminine touch.

In a delightful color twist, black occupies a large place this season, along with more wintery shades like chocolate and beige.

Supple calf leathers are embossed in faux python and lizard skin patterns; suede lends a velvety aspect, further heightening the retro and serene feeling that pervades the collection.

Read more about Souliers Martinez on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/souliers-martinez