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SP Sal Parasuco Collection Makes Pitti Uomo Debut With Signature Outerwear and Denim Capsule

By Press Club


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Credits: Tu Ly

For nearly 50 years, Parasuco has produced legendary denim. The innovative introduction of stretch, the silhouette-enhancing styles, the contemporary attitude, the bold brand image – all reflecting the trailblazing vision of founder, Sal Parasuco.

With the exclusive debut of SP Sal Parasuco Collection at Pitti Immagine Uomo, Parasuco and incoming creative director, Tu Ly, present the most forward-leaning and emblematic expression of the brand to date. SP Sal Parasuco will launch with two highly distinctive and complementary offers: a signature denim capsule arriving for Spring ’24 and new, luxury outerwear that will be available for Winter ’24.

“With SP Sal Parasuco, we are entering a new era and it’s exciting on every level,” says Sal Parasuco. “We have a design maturity in denim that we can now apply to achieve a high standard in outerwear.”

SP Sal Parasuco is designed in Montreal and Italy, and will be made in Europe using sustainable materials, such as recycled nylon and goose down, when possible. Youthful yet transgenerational, the collections reimagine people’s relationship with outerwear by considering how each piece builds upon their personal style.

The Modular Denim Capsule

The denim capsule is defined by a new monogram jacquard that plays out in graphic repetition. Among the hero pieces are three jackets: a moto bomber, its ample shape boasting archive patches and contrasting panels; an ’80s-inspired padded bomber with quilted detailing; and a monogram denim shirt jacket. Pants are either a wide cargo or wide and relaxed fit with a laser-printed monogram. Monogram shapewear brings sleekness to the silhouette. A sweatshirt emblazoned with a heraldic crest is revisited from the archives. To start, each style will be proposed in denim, white and black, with yellow as a high-octane accent. Nearly identical across men’s and women’s (here, the shirt jacket is cropped), the pieces are designed with a modular wardrobe approach – mixing and matching for maximum wearability.

Credits: Sal Parasuco

Distinctive Outerwear

The outerwear features distinctive details, from the articulated construction of sleeves to metallic finishes and technical treatments. Volumes are oversized with integrated hoods and high necks that give off a contemporary attitude. Puffers, parkas and shearlings are developed using premium materials and sustainable fabrics, with several pieces tested to withstand temperatures of -35°C. Says Parasuco, “We keep you warm while looking cool.”

Debut at Pitti

The two collections are complementary and will be shown together at Pitti Immagine Uomo, where the dedicated space features a video wall that enhances how the models appear and move in the pieces. Going forward, SP Sal Parasuco will expand into additional categories such as accessories and footwear.

The arrival of Tu Ly signals this new design direction. “In the world of denim, Parasuco has a rich heritage that thrills me from a design perspective,” he says. “I am proud to be embarking on this journey with Sal as now feels like the perfect time for a new wave of people to discover the brand as we have reimagined it for today.”

About Sal Parasuco

Sal Parasuco was born in Italy and grew up in Montreal, where the brand is located. He began experimenting with denim in the early ’70s using his parents' washing machine from concept to actual jeans. In 1975, he made his foray into fashion with Santana Jeans. As business expanded internationally, he rebranded to Parasuco Jeans in 1988. Over several decades, for denim collectors and industry experts alike, the name Parasuco has remained a reference for figure-flattering jeans branded with a chimera logo. Today, a coiling SP logo in metal nods to the serpent of the chimera’s tail while reaffirming his unwavering passion.

About Tu Ly

Tu Ly is a multi-hyphenate fashion talent who has held senior positions for more than two decades and is known for bringing a strong design vision to all aspects of creative development. He has developed the visual identity for a multitude of brands including Moose Knuckles, Ports 1961 and Roots Canada. Born in Saigon before moving to Ottawa and then Toronto, he is now based in Montreal.

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