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SS24 Menswear: An unlikely encounter with Ampère

By Press Club


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Credits: Ampère

A space where opposing elements unite - the SS24 collection explores the encounter of contrasting facets, composing an interplay of the absent and the present, the abundant and the minimal. Channeled through the richness of the now, elevating fabrics and patterns from the past, the collection merges essentials with symbols of charme through floral embroideries and laces which form the essence for unlikely designs.

Diverse Unity

Flowers with their contrast in both their delicateness and opulence served as the main inspiration. As a multitude of botanic species have traveled from afar and settled in new landscapes, Amsterdam has become a city where cultures, customs and styles from distant places are being united with exuberant energy. This is an invitation to celebrate the gestures that ignite unity in the unlikely.

About Ampère

Based in Amsterdam, fashion label Ampère has emerged from the combined decades of knowledge and experience of three individuals. Drawing inspiration from innovation and craftsmanship, the brand has perfected the art of embroidery and passionately utilizes refined, luxurious materials.

Ampère, devoted to the diverse people and vibrant locales of its home city, represents a high-end international brand that embodies Amsterdam’s boundless spirit of excitement. Each collection boasts authentic designs that seamlessly merge quality fabrics with an eclectic mix of textures, tones, and patterns, resonating with the city’s zeal and dynamic aesthetic.

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