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Tech Meets Textiles: Discover Rains' High-Tech Thermal Series

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Credits: Rains

Rains is a lifestyle brand specializing in outerwear, known for its unique approach to design and functionality. The brand, which started by reinterpreting the classic rubber raincoat, has grown into a significant player in the outerwear market. Rains is characterized by its use of coated waterproof fabric, a signature element that defines its collections. The brand's focus on a functional yet aesthetically pleasing design, coupled with its unisex approach, has allowed it to gain popularity across four continents.

Thermal Series: A fusion of function and design

The Thermal Series from Rains is a comprehensive line of outerwear designed to cater to various weather conditions and style preferences. This series includes five distinct design lines: Alta, Bator, Harbin, Kevo, and Vardo. Each line offers different levels of insulation, waterproofing, and breathability, designed to meet specific climate needs.

Alta Series: Features featherless chamber technology for insulation, offering 4000mm water column pressure for waterproofing and 2000 g/m² 24hr breathability.

Bator Series: Known for its boxy design and wide padded chambers, this line provides 6000mm water column pressure and performance recycled fiber insulation.

Harbin Series: Offers contemporary designs with 4000mm water column pressure for waterproofing, 2000 g/m² 24hr breathability, and robust insulation.

Kevo Series: Combines sporty aesthetics with semi-transparent nylon, offering 6000mm water column pressure and 3000 g/m² 24hr breathability.

Vardo Series: Focuses on refined, utilitarian designs with 8000mm water column pressure and 3000 g/m² 24hr breathability.

Design series Credits: Rains

Temperature and waterproof ratings explained

Rains simplifies the understanding of the technical specifications of its outerwear through a clear rating system. The temperature rating ranges from T1 (Breeze) to T4 (Freeze), indicating the level of warmth provided, suitable for different climates. The waterproof rating is categorized from W1 (Mist) to W4 (Shower), reflecting the degree of protection against rain. This approach makes it easier for customers to choose the appropriate outerwear based on their specific needs and environmental conditions.

Rains' Thermal Series offers a range of outerwear that combines technical functionality with design. The series is characterized by its diverse options for different climates and styles, making use of innovative materials and clear rating systems to help customers understand and choose products that best suit their needs.

Thermal Series Credits: Rains
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