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Thalé Blanc’s Generational Influence

By Press Club

28 Sep 2021


Thalé Blanc is not a fashion brand, it is a style brand. Despite fashion and style existing on the same cloth, there is a delicate seam between the two. Style is something that a person possesses, it is an attitude. Thalé Blanc focuses on the woman because she is style’s keeper. She often passes the key to her children and grandchildren in a generational cycle that necessitates the highest quality.

Thalé Blanc’s Creative Director, Deborah Sawaf, creates for women like herself - mothers, entrepreneurs, and advocates. Deborah Sawaf’s daughter, Talia Sawaf, inspired Thalé Blanc’s name and has worked alongside her mother to help build the brand. Deborah Sawaf strives to create pieces that could function as heirlooms for her daughter as classic value is at Thalé Blanc’s core. Many TB Ladies share this same sentiment, so emerald, ruby, and aqua Byzantine jewels, Swarovski crystals, gold cheetah emblazoned cuffs, timeless tulip stitched Audrey Hepburn-inspired leather handbags, 1920s esque fringe coats, Baroque ribbon lined tops, and French Renaissance inspired textiles revolve around this core value in a rich display of style that is as elegant as it is bold.

Thalé Blanc has highlighted several TB ladies in the website’s journal, and all women hold feelings toward the brand that run much deeper than a fashionable exterior. Gisele Nazzal, brand ambassador and family matriarch, has stated, “I am proud because I make the brand. The brand doesn’t make me. I am carrying a Thalé Blanc bag because I love it. Because it’s something that I feel.” Nazzal echoes the idea that style is more felt than worn, and this certainly rings true as she also shops for her daughters in law and grandchildren at Thalé Blanc sentimentally tying the family together with Thalé Blanc pink silk ribbon. Thalé Blanc had a photoshoot with the women and girls of the Nazzal family this past summer. The scene in the West Hollywood Santa Monica Mountains lined with lavender vines, orange trees, and glittering blue pools reflected this multi-generational attachment as the Nazzal family donned Thalé Blanc pink jumpsuits, blue pinstripe dresses, olive tulle skirts, quilted jackets, fringed denim, and silk twillys and bows.

All TB Ladies run their own empires, and that empire for many is their own family. Thalé Blanc knows that TB Ladies may be Super Moms, they are also still women who happen to love beautiful, artfully crafted, luxury bags. Fashion often mandates that mothers wear oversized “mom jeans” and large purses that are solely functional. The new “Chic Mom” line of luxury diaper bags defies this norm. Thalé Blanc “turns the purse INTO the diaper bag, and infuses motherhood with the core being of the woman raising the child: the woman first.” While many TB Ladies transition into motherhood, the luxury diaper bags means that a woman can retain her innate style even when her role in life changes. Style is the core of Thalé Blanc, and it is forever.

Read more about Thalé Blanc on the brandpage: : fashionunited.com/companies/thale-blanc