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The New Originals: FW21 Collection

By Press Club

30 Jun 2021


Our collection of FW21 is all about music theory. A theme depicting the creative direction of this collection. Taking notes from the rich history of jazz music as well as the theoretical grounds of music.

Accompanying our new collection is the fictional narrative of the TNO jazz club; A rowdy, steamy and music-filled night—a celebration of our new collection as well as an ode to the jazz age—brought to live by our campaign in film and photograph by the talented director Aramis GarciaGonzalez and photographer Iris Haverkamp Begemann.

Besides our carryover styles you will find a range of new styles. We continue our exploration of knitwear as well as new items with a more refined technical touch.

Older styles are re-executed and fine tuned to perfection. Innovation on classics, what’s in a name?

Read more about The New Originals on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/the-new-originals