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The V-90 is VEJA’s new sustainable footwear style of the season

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Credits: VEJA

Creating a unisex style for footwear that looks both retro and modern, the V-90 mixes old-school 90s athletic fashion with new touches. The sneaker offers a good balance of style and comfort.

With sustainable love from Uruguay

VEJA’s latest addition, is made of the softest leather yet sourced by VEJA - O.T. leather (Organic Traced leather), from farms in Uruguay 100% organic certified. This type of leather undergoes a mechanical beating process that makes it fine and bendable. Tanned in Brazil, it uses less dyes than our conventional leather. Available in 7 colors, the V-90 collection blends neutral and autumnal tones. VEJA sources O.T. leather from the Uruguayan Pampa, a region renowned for the quality of its leather and livestock farming. The cattle from which O.T. leather is obtained are not sourced from deforested areas and is not exposed to pesticides, GMOs, chemical fertilizers, or antibiotics.

Credits: VEJA

More information about the composition

  • Upper: O.T. leather
  • Insole: 11% Amazonian rubber, 42% sugar cane, 11% recycled polyester, 12% organic cotton
  • Sole: 40% Amazonian rubber, 10% recycled rubber
  • Lining: 100% recycled polyester
  • Laces: 100% organic cotton

Read more about VEJA on their brandpage
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