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True Fit Fashion Genome Reaching 100M Registered Users and 73% YoY Growth

By Press Club

29 Mar 2019

True Fit is helping the world’s largest fashion retailers
personalise every step of the customer journey

13 March 2019 – London, UK - True Fit, the data-driven platform that developed the industry’s Fashion Genome, which personalises every step of the consumer journey for the world’s best footwear and apparel brands and retailers, is about to cross over its 100th million registered user, while experiencing 73% YoY commercial growth, as it continues structuring the largest connected data set for the global footwear and apparel verticals.

True Fit developed the Fashion Genome in partnership with hundreds of global retailers and thousands of leading footwear and apparel brands. It maps detailed style and fit attributes for footwear and apparel styles, which produce over 50% of the global market's revenue, to the style and fit preferences of nearly 100 million users who have opted in to share their purchasing data and help retailers show consumers the styles they will love and keep. True Fit runs a sophisticated concert of AI models to match attributes and preferences, constantly refining its recommendations with machine learning on 3 billion units of purchases and returns by 550 million shoppers in the anonymised cross-retailer data set that allows retailers to delight loyal customers with more personalised service. And now True Fit’s platform – historically used for online personalisation by over 200 major retailers and thousands of brands – has adapted to optimise online and offline activity, adding increasing value to retailers’ store operations.

In 2018 True Fit signed over 50 new major global retail clients. As fashion retailers are constantly innovating at pace to accommodate fast-moving changes in consumer behaviours, True Fit’s retail clients are embracing the vision to improve the shopping experience by personalising every touchpoint of the customer journey. With 75%1 of customers preferring brands who deliver a personalised offer or shopping experience, 94% of retail executives identify personalisation as critical to current and future success2. True Fit’s Personalization Platform directly addresses this business-critical capability to increase conversion, reduce returns and consistently grow customer lifetime value by 3-10%.

In 2018 True Fit launched three new products to support retailers’ needs:

  • True Discovery - which provides AI-driven personal style rankings to enhance recommendations
  • True Insight® - which helps retailers make intelligent, data-driven marketing, merchandising and design decisions
  • True 360™ - which enriches a retailer’s 360-degree view of the customer and allows for new levels of intelligence to enhance CRM.

These launches complete True Fit’s evolution from a single product company solving “fit” to the only True Personalization Platform for apparel retailers, solving the broader needs unique to the apparel vertical around personalisation, targeting and merchandising analytics. The broader platform was well-received in the market, as True Fit’s commercial growth increased 73% YoY, and 48% of retailer platform licences were for access to products beyond fit.

William R. Adler, True Fit CEO, said: “We spend most of our time listening to retailers, who advise us on how to adapt the Fashion Genome to meet more of their needs. They are urgently racing to curate the vastness of their fashion offering to resonate with each customer, wherever they are on the journey. And we’re thrilled to have very quickly built the True Personalization Platform, the first of its kind to serve the specific needs of the £1.5trillion apparel and footwear vertical. By structuring and connecting data across devices, retailers, and brands we’ve unlocked incredible insights about each consumer and what they love. It’s ushered in a new dawn of true personalisation, where we can finally fill in the gaps retailers need to know about their consumers to serve them better.”

Adler continues: “Our vision is to help consumers seamlessly discover clothes they love, and the best way to achieve that is by enriching the virtuous circle of personalisation beyond our own platform. Over 100 other incredible companies provide personalisation services to retailers and, now that we can integrate with that ecosystem of providers, the consumer benefits dramatically, as does the retailer.”

The True Partners programme is accelerating partnerships with technology and service providers who have integrated True Fit APIs to better personalise their respective services for apparel and footwear retailers and brands. Integration with CRM specialist, Zaius, demonstrates how retailers can integrate data via True 360™ to create an enhanced single source of truth for customer data, power highly personalised email marketing, retargeting, and lookalike audience creation that considers user preference data, brand affinity data, and considers personal style, fit, and size.

The Passage AI integration showcases a leading retailer’s integration of True Fit data into a chatbot and voice experience, while the integration with iMirror shows how an integrated dressing room can enhance the in-store experience and learn for continuous interactions. These partnerships demonstrate how True Fit’s personalisation and insights can be accessed to enhance every touchpoint of the customer buying journey, increase consumer confidence and delight, increase lifetime value of customers, and drive new incremental growth opportunities for retailers.