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Mastoor opens its first boutique in Amsterdam

By Press Club


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Credits: Mastoor

Thursday May 30th , we proudly presented Mastoor’s premier Boutique store opening in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The extended Boutique store serves as a true embodiment of our brand's essence, intricately crafted with a harmonious blend of eco-friendly materials and captivating biophilic elements. The store promises an immersive experience for all, extending a warm and inclusive welcome to visitors. Within its walls, we showcase not only our latest collections but also offer exclusive capsule collections, inviting everyone to intimately encounter the world of Mastoor.

As we move forward, our aspirations for the brand are resolute: to witness its exponential growth and firmly establish it as a steadfast and nurturing workplace for the Muslim community, fostering a sense of profound identification with the empowering ethos of Mastoor.

We welcome you at our Amsterdam Boutique store.

Credits: Mastoor
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