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SMCP's sales team: A glimpse into roles and dynamics

By Press Club


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Credits: SMCP

SMCP's sales team stands as the brand's eyes and ears. Through their meticulous listening and observation, they refine the client experience. As the cornerstone of the strategy, these retail professionals form the Group's front line. As both ambassadors and experts, they echo the vision of the Artistic Directors, leading customers in exploring the collections. Let’s delve into the different roles.

Retail Coordinator: They establish a connection between the strategy formed at the head office and the goals within individual stores, optimizing store functionality and overseeing the sales teams.

Area Manager: They operate like maestros over specific store zones, ensuring adherence to administrative, social, financial, and commercial protocols. They also position themselves as the crucial link between the central headquarters and the broader retail network.

Store Manager: Their role is to organize, guide, and boost sales activities at the point of sale. By energizing the sales teams, they focus on increasing revenue while consistently representing the brands as primary ambassadors.

Sales Assistant: Their passion for fashion is evident as they perfectly grasp the history and essence of the Brands. Their mission is to retain customer loyalty through exceptional service, attentive listening, and insightful guidance.

At SMCP, the sales teams are more than just experts; they're true lovers of fashion. Every role, from planning to talking with customers, works together to make the brand shine, ensuring every client has a memorable and special experience.

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