New Light-Up Converse Craze

Ever wanted to own a pair of Converse with a glowing logo? Well now you can, although

you won’t be getting them direct from a store. Some clever people have come up with a way of incorporating a light-up panel into the shoes, and then concealing a battery under the tongue. It’s a great idea, and has made for some extremely cool designs. The guides have only been around for a few days, but there’s no doubt we’ll see a lot of glowing shoes soon, and perhaps not just Converse. You’re also likely to see resellers offering the mod in the near future, for those who aren’t confident with electrics or sewing.

So how exactly do you go about making your shoes light up? It’s not actually that complicated, though you will need some skill with a needle and thread. An EL panel is a blank flexible panel that lights up when switched on, but it can be cut to whatever shape you like. It’s attached to a wire, which can then run to an inverter and battery. In very simple terms, all you do is cut the EL panel to the shape you want, attach it to the shoe, and then sew the wire along the shoe and behind the tongue, where the battery is attached.The trick is making everything look neat, and keeping the wire concealed. If you’re not too sure what you’re doing, then it’s probably wise to consult one of the more detailed step-by-step guides, which will show you exactly what to do.

Of course, actually designing the shoe, and deciding what to light up is half the fun. Clearly, the most popular mod on Converse is to have the famous star logo light up. This features on the ankle of nearly all of them, though varies in design. There are two main things that you can do; either create a whole new star with the EL panel, and then stick this on, or you can cut out a portion of the badge, and place the panel behind it. Both will produce a great effect, and it’s entirely down to you and the type of shoe you’ve got as to what you choose.. Some all-star converse have stripes and arrows on them, and they could look great lit up, so there are a few options.

EL panels, inverters, batteries and wires are widely available online, and shouldn’t cost you too much; this is a relatively inexpensive modification. You can buy converse trainers @

If you’re looking to own a pair of seriously cool shoes, then this could well be the thing for you. It looks good, isn’t too difficult to do, and won’t cost you a lot either. It’s a great way of creating footwear that’s unique to you. There’s only one real downside, and that’s that the setup won’t be waterproof. Grab some converse, get the equipment, and see what cool designs you can come up with.


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