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Alibaba expands into Europe with CommerceHub partnership

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Marketplace Credits: Pexels

CommerceHub, one of the world’s largest commerce networks, is partnering with Miravia, part of the Alibaba group, to power the marketplaces’ European expansion.

The partnership involves integrating CommerceHub's ecommerce platform with Miravia's operations, supporting Miravia's aim to establish itself as a premier everyday ecommerce ecosystem that connects brands, buyers, and creators.

By adopting CommerceHub's unified commerce platform, Miravia said it will gain seamless access to a robust ecommerce solution. The company will be able to connect with numerous brands, allowing them to showcase and market their products within the Miravia marketplace.

Miravia, currently operational in Spain, functions as both a marketplace and entertainment hub, offering diverse products from favored brands. It also serves as an educational platform, highlighting trends in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through features like influencer-created content and virtual makeup trials. Miravia also acts as space for sellers and brands to establish personalised stores, offering design flexibility, product selection, pricing control, and direct customer interactions.

Yann Fontaine, CEO of Miravia, said in a statement: "Our entry into Spain's rapidly growing ecommerce market prompted us to seek a platform for scalable business operations. CommerceHub and ChannelAdvisor (a company acquired by CommerceHub in 2022) excel in marketplace integration, enabling brand expansion and profitability. Their comprehensive platform, innovative SaaS solutions, and extensive commerce network made collaboration an easy choice."

Phillip Hall, Managing Director, EMEA at CommerceHub, emphasised the importance of diverse customer engagement in today's ecommerce landscape. He highlighted how successful utilization of such platforms can unearth new audiences, driving online sales growth. The integration with Miravia streamlines processes, fuels expansion, and accelerates positive outcomes for clients.

In numbers, CommerceHub's platform supports over 40,000 retailers and brands, spanning 420 channels, and oversees more than 2.4 billion ecommerce transactions annually.