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Arvind joins Fashion for Good

By Simone Preuss

7 May 2019


Textile manufacturer Arvind Limited is the latest company to join the global sustainability initiative Fashion for Good. With Arvind, a global leader in apparel manufacturing and trailblazer in advanced materials, the Fashion for Good Innovation Platform gains a well-experienced partner “committed to testing and implementing sustainable innovations” according to a press release published today.

“By having Arvind join Fashion for Good, all of the innovators and stakeholders are gaining in-depth knowledge and support from a unique pioneer in manufacturing. We are immensely proud to see the entire fashion ecosystem come together, to implement and scale innovative solutions across the fashion value chain,” commented Fashion for Good’s managing director Katrin Ley.

“Sustainability and innovation are our key strategic growth pillars and we have always attempted the adoption of innovation in textile manufacturing. We are pleased to partner with Fashion for Good and are committed to promote the sustainable technologies originating from the FFG platform. We are looking forward to work with these technologies to fuel the next set of growth in manufacturing for us with the aim of growing with drastically less environmental impact,” said Punit Lalbhai, board of directors, Arvind Limited.

The Fashion for Good Centre in Amsterdam was launched two years ago, with the aim of transforming the fashion industry by driving its transition to a circular economy and bringing industry players together to reimagine how fashion is designed, made, used and reused. The global initiative focuses on 'five Goods' in particular: materials, economy, energy, water and lives.

Arvind is powering high-fashion brands across the world with fibre innovations and sustainable manufacturing processes while delivering excellence across the garment value chain. With Arvind by its side who pioneers vertically integrated apparel solutions, increases the use of sustainable yarns and tests innovative recycling solutions, Fashion for Good and its stakeholders will have an opportunity to drive innovation solutions across the fashion value chain.

Arvind is a 1-billion-US-dollar textile company with a focus on textiles, advanced materials, environmental solutions and omni-channel commerce. Arvind Limited is an integrated solutions provider in textiles with strong fibre to fashion capabilities for a global customer base. It is also a design powerhouse implementing innovative concepts and generating intellectual property. It ranks amongst the top suppliers of fabric worldwide. Its denim, woven, knit and voile products are known for being innovative and sustainable.

Photo: Arvind spinning unit / Arvind Limited

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