Beulah London to raise 500,000 pounds through crowdfunding

London - British ethical fashion label Beulah London is seeking to repeat its previous success and raise 250,000 pounds through SyndicateRoom, the investor-led, equity crowdfunding platform.

Mustard Seed, social enterprise investment vehicle and the led investor once more on the fundraised, has committed 250,000 pounds to Beulah London. The fashion brand, which works to empower women trapped by human trafficking through its Beulah Trust, aims to raise another 250,000 pounds via the crowdfunding platform. Beulah London, which counts members of the royal family as fans, is set to use the proceeds from the crowdfunding to further develop its product range and support its growth plan for the next three years.

Beulah London to raise 500,000 pounds through crowdfunding

Beulah London opens up investment to crowd via the SyndicateRoom

"Welcoming Beulah London onto our platform marks another vital step in SyndicateRoom’s journey towards creating opportunities to invest in truly disruptive businesses that make the world a better place," said Goncalo de Vasconcelos, CEO and Co-Founder of SyndicateRoom in a statement. "At our core, we’re about opening up equal opportunities, something which is epitomised by the tremendous work Beulah London is doing to empower young women to escape hardship and enjoy personal and professional success."

Beulah London to raise 500,000 pounds through crowdfunding

"We’re very excited about the potential the business has both for our investors, in delivering sustainable growth, and even more so, for society at large." Founded in 2010 by Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan, Beulah London aims to bring together fashion with positive, social outcomes by raising awareness for women who are trapped by human trafficking. The fashion label works to equip women, who have very little support to rely on, with access to training and skill learning to help them find gainful employment and take ownership of their own success.

Beulah London to raise 500,000 pounds through crowdfunding

Over the past four years Beulah London has generated 1.4 million pounds in revenue, with 340,000 pounds coming in 2015 alone. This is in part due to the successful repositioning of the brand, which saw an increased focus on production in India and the enhancement of the brand identity. However, the brand is ready to take the next step and create more opportunities for the victims of human trafficking. "Thinking of ways in which we could generate the funds needed to grow our business wasn’t an easy process," explained Beulah London co-founder Natasha Rufus Isaacs.

"Initially we were sceptical about fundraising through a crowdfunding platform because of the luxury brand image. After learning about SyndicateRoom’s investor-led approach and its offering to investors we thought the platform was ideally suited as it offers a professional, safe and grown up way of accessing money from quality investors. We are all very excited to be able to open our business up to the crowd as we move on to the next stage of our journey. Growth has been entirely organic to date and we feel that now is the right time to capitalise the success we have achieved through further investment in our business."

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