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Digitising the fashion industry’s workflow for the future

By Sponsor

19 Feb 2021


It is safe to say that the global pandemic outbreak has fuelled a dramatic shift towards digital solutions within the fashion industry. Since COVID-19 hit, brands and retailers worldwide have been engaging and experimenting with a range of immersive technologies, from designing apparel virtually to hosting virtual catwalks and experimenting with virtual showrooms. Mass quarantine has become a pivotal moment for fashion companies to redefine their business models and work together towards building a more sustainable, progressive future.

Market leader for fashion solutions, Pixelpool seeks to empower the industry by offering agile, sustainable, and cost-effective digital solutions through its range of services. Working with key brands including Nike, Calvin Klein and Guess, it's latest innovation, Dtail, is a cloud-based, virtual merchandising and sales platform that offers brands tools to digitise different workflow areas. An asset for any brand, Dtail lets brands and retailers plan and visualise their collections by linking product data to 3D virtual samples. Consisting of two parts, the web platform, which stores the data and 3D assets, and the 3D showroom, Dtail syncs data and 3D assets to the virtual showroom. This fully customisable virtual environment streamlines the visual merchandising and B2B processes at the same time.

Dtail can be used to plan visually, balance, and present assortments by creating a clear, visual overview of assortments using sketches, photos, and 3D virtual samples. The Dtail Product Catalogue offers a wide range of generic 3D samples in its extensive library which can be pulled by the retailer and customised through the integrated design library, which features a user-friendly interface. Alternatively, brands can import their own 3D assets using their preferred 3D software and store them on the platform. The use of virtual samples drastically reduces the need for physical samples, becoming a sustainable and cost-saving solution.

"The Dtail web platform allows fashion brands to plan and assort their collections visually," explains Cas van Lier, Marketing and Communications Specialist at PixelPool. "The interactive platform serves as a library for their virtual samples, offers them a blank canvas to drag, drop, and filter their collections with, giving brands the tool to form their ideal assortments. Which are then synchronised with our virtual showroom."

Retailers can adjust and redefine the assortment with additional marketing, POS materials and notes. The virtual samples can also be linked to existing product data and used in the Dtail assortment planner and virtual showroom. As the entire assortment is saved on a single platform, the data from the web platform can be used to virtually present, segment and present products in an interactive presentation. Retailers can digitally create grids to assess balance and work towards creating a presentation in a fully merchandised, realistic virtual store environment.

Dtail's Virtual Showroom offers a real-time, very realistic 3D environment of the retailer's store or showroom. All digital fixtures can be fully configured so that the web platform’s assortments can be digitally merchandised in a realistic store environment. Retailers are given full control over the position of fixtures on the store floor to build real-life layouts. After the fixtures have been placed in the correct location, they can be digitally merchandised individually with products from the assortments stored on the web platform.

Thanks to the easy userface, products can be dragged from the library directly onto the fixture and automatically format to the most appropriate display form. Through one simple click, products can be swapped, repositioned and removed. Once the virtual showroom is complete, the data is then linked back to the assortment for analytics and data visualisations. Dtail's platform can also be configured to reflect up to date, synchronised product data from a PLM or ERP system. Brands can request and track updates from their 3D library and immediately put newly added virtual samples to use in all the apps in the Dtail platform.

"The virtual showroom serves as a selling, merchandising, and test platform for all brands’ virtual collections," adds van, Lier. "It allows brands to sell to their accounts in the highest quality, interactive 3D, communicate ideas internally, and test merchandising set-ups for all physical stores. "

An end-to-end solution that replaces the use of spreadsheets, charts and other common 2D and offline practices, the platform ensures retailers work more efficiently, from assortment planning through to merchandising and B2B sales. Dtail allows brands to completely move away from their physical going-to-market processes and switch to digital, thus speeding up the process by skipping sampling rounds and allowing them to assort, merchandise and present in life-like interactive 3D.

Pixelpool is a market leader in developing digital solutions for the apparel retail industry. With over twenty years’ experience in the area of 3D visualisation, having worked with some of the biggest footwear giants and luxury fashion brands throughout those years, Pixelpool empowers the fashion industry, making brands more agile, sustainable and cost-effective through virtual technology and retail solutions. Dtail is the most recent innovation by Pixelpool. This game-changing platform will allow brands to future proof their business and be a cornerstone of their sustainability objectives. PixelPool is headquartered in the Netherlands and has four offices operating in Europe and the US, allowing it to be a strategic partner to brands around the world.