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EIDM Fashion Mag Night 2023

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Image: EIDM

Tuesday, June 6, we organized the official launch party of the magazines created by our Bachelor 2 students. It was at the port de Suffren, near the Eiffel Tower, on the Bal de la Marine barge, that we invited partners and journalists, for our "Magnetic Night" and for a stroll around Fashion Tech.

A project rooted in the school’s DNA

Through our “learning by doing” philosophy, we allow our students, from the 1st year of Bachelor, to carry out large-scale projects. After the fashion show during their 1st year of Bachelor, and for their second year, our students have as project, to create a fashion magazine in its entirety. Definition of the editorial line and visual identity, railway, writing editorials and articles, artistic direction, shootings, etc., our Bachelor 2 students have, according to their respective interests, worked together in the production of the magazines based on Fashion Tech theme. The Fashion Mag Night marked the official launch to the press and our fashion & luxury partners of our students’ work.

For the program:

Starting 7pm., the guests were welcomed at the Bal de la Marine by our Bachelor 1 students who organized the party. The 21 magazines created by our Bachelor 2 students were highlighted in a showroom dedicated to this purpose. Among the magazines competing this year, we have : REV, GALACTIC, MIRAGE, OVERDOSE, 5è AVENIR, TOMORROW, MODERNIST, THE THIRD EYE, SPACE, VIZION, VOI, LOOPING, NAKETECH, WYRED, SILVEON, VIBRANIUM, CHROMATICA, UTOPIA, ILLUSION, APERTIO, VIRAGE. As soon as they arrived, the jury, made up of professionals from the fashion, luxury and generalist press, had the task of analyzing all the productions and electing the two best magazines around four main axes: format, headings, editing and iconography. Throughout the evening, several activities were offered to the guests: make-up workshop around Fashion Tech, showroom of upcycling outfits and accessories, etc. A cocktail followed by a DJ set closed the evening in style.

And the winners are

Even if the jury congratulated all the students for their amazing work, the jury's favorites went to the editorial teams of "The Third Eye" and "Modernist" magazines. Congratulations are in order for the winners who received each a merit scholarship of 1000 euros, and also to all the other editorial teams who did a great job. We also want to thank the jury members: Emilie Brandely - Luxury, fashion & beauty consultant, Djamila Kedjem - PR consultant, Franck Clere - Editor at Les Echos le mag weekend, Michela Secci - Journalist at La Voce - Albatros Magazine, Issam Charhi - Editor-in-chief at Public and Laurie Pezeron - hors-media project manager at Le Monde. See you for the Fashion Mag Night EIDM 2024.

Image: "The Third Eye"
Image: "Modernist"
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