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Exclusible, the NFT platform for Luxury Brands

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Exclusible is a startup that was born for the sole purpose of taking luxury brands a step further into their digital transformation by opening up the world of NFTs and their immense potential. The platform will allow collectors to access limited edition NFTs and experiences from the world's most desirable luxury brands across five verticals: fashion, watches, jewelry, beauty, and supercars.

With a full team of entrepreneurs, luxury executives, and blockchain technologists, the team is above all comprised of NFT enthusiasts located between Europe and the US. Their vision is that in this decade, Fashion and Luxury brands will integrate digital assets as a new business division, to dress the Metaverse and offer unlimited possibilities to their communities to express their digital identities.

The first step in the realization of this vision is to help brands tap into NFTs and develop engaging experiences for the crypto community. Exclusible’s mission is to help luxury brands develop rich and compelling NFT concepts which will enhance their brand equity and create long-term value for the community. More than just an NFT marketplace, it connects Luxury brands and the extended crypto community. Exclusible is the gateway for that relationship to take place and blossom.

3 000 Alpha NFTs from Exclusible has sold out in less than 48 hours!

Since the beginning, the goal of the Alpha drop has always been first and foremost to create a community of early supporters, passionate about Luxury and willing to take part in building the Farfetch of Luxury NFTs. The collection works as a membership card and therefore, Alpha holders would have incredible and unmissable benefits for future releases with major luxury brands. There are about 1200 Alpha NFT owners who have joined the NFT club and are one step closer to reshaping the new reality of digital luxury.

The Alpha NFT Collection was just the beginning of something much bigger to come. In less than 48 hours Exclusible reached about 570 ETH which corresponds to 2.4 million US dollars in sales of 3,000 NFTs. This amount will be allocated towards building the upcoming platform (target launch date in November) and hiring new talent to reinforce the Exclusible 12-strong team.

The French and Portuguese startup has now publicly started to take the first steps in the future of luxury and in the coming weeks, will reveal very important milestones for the company's destiny. The public sale has sold out, but some enthusiasts can still purchase some Alpha NFTs on OpenSea.io from current holders. Secondary activity is following the end of the minting period, as Exclusible has reached the #57 ranking in volume on OpenSea, with currently 117 ETH of total volume traded.

“Our inaugural Alpha drop can be seen as an introduction of future collections to come. The goal is really to allow our early backers and supporters to secure preferred access to our upcoming brand drops and have the ability to engage directly with brands and other luxury collectors. Beyond the striking 3D art itself, the Alpha NFT Collection will always have a special meaning for us and true utility for its owners”, says Pierre Guigourese, Chief Operating Officer of Exclusible.

What’s Next for Exclusible?

After the successful launch of the Alpha Collection, the Exclusible team will now be focused on preparing the launch of upcoming brand drops. In conversations with more than 50 luxury brands (through the five verticals where Exclusible operates), there is a lot of news and ideas to be cooked in the kitchen. November will undoubtedly be a month of surprises and highlights regarding the inauguration of Exclusible and its partnership with some luxury brands.

In addition, Exclusible will now invest in and reinvent the next.exclusible.com future insights platform to elevate the community and bring a new perspective on what the coming years of digital transformation and metaverse growth hold for the luxury industry. Therefore, the Exclusible community in addition to hot, sexy and exclusive

NFTs releases with the best brands in the world should expect a new section of research projects related to luxury, metaverse, and NFTs areas.

“The Alpha Collection is a strategic milestone for Exclusible because it is the first step towards creating real value for our community. It also creates value for luxury brands that are interested not only in starting their NFT journey but also in connecting with a new audience. That positive feedback loop between brands and the community is our mission. Exclusible is the gateway for that relationship to take place and blossom”, highlights Olivier Moingeon, Chief Commercial Officer at Exclusible.

More about on Exclusible: fashionunited.com/companies/exclusible

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