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Faslet, the digital size advice company for clothing e-commerce that aims for a 100% reduction of size-related returns

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Image: Ard Kortenoeven & Robbert Hoogstraten en Ard Kortenoeven, Faslet

It's a common problem: You're looking online for the perfect dress or a comfortable shirt, but you're not sure about your size. To remove all doubt, you open the size chart. Problem solved, you would think, only this jungle of labels and ways of measuring yourself only increases your uncertainty. It is no secret that it is often difficult to estimate how a product falls when shopping online, which is why the return percentage is increasing.

Although far from ideal for online shoppers, many clothing e-commerce brands and retailers still use a size chart. People are then almost obliged to order an item in different sizes and have a fitting session at home afterwards. The wrong sizes are then returned to the retailer which is also a pain. Yet there is a handy solution for this problem, which also leads to a better CX (Customer Experience), more confidence, less pollution, and lower costs!

Did you know that each return shipment costs an entrepreneur an average of 12.50 euros. In addition, each return shipment produces CO2 emissions comparable to five kilometers of driving a car.

Source: NOS

The solution

To tackle this problem, Faslet has developed digital size advice, which, based on an innovative algorithm, data and AI (Artificial Intelligence), helps online shoppers choose the right size. The online shopper only has to answer a few simple anonymous questions about height, weight and age. Subsequently, simple pictures are used to ask about the body shape and, not unimportantly, the desired fit. So, you don't have to measure anything anymore. Moreover, you only have to answer the questions once. For all other items from other brands on the website, their Size Me Up assistant will automatically advise you of your best size.

As a result, clothing websites can see returns dropping by up to 40%, consumer confidence and conversion skyrocketing!

Thanks to Faslet's Size Me Up assistant, we achieved a return reduction of 10% in the first year alone.

Roosenstein Wolke

The Netherlands was introduced to the Size Me Up assistant of Faslet 2 years ago, during the first wave of Covid, by Robbert Hoogstraten and Ard Kortenoeven. They met each other in 2011, when they both worked for a company that develops HTML5 games. Both at their previous company and in building Faslet, it was “a must” to make choices not based on a gut feeling, but on data. Very clear-cut. They run continuous A/B tests to substantiate choices and apply adjustments, so that the Size Me Up assistant is always up to date with the needs and wishes of the online shopper and the retailer. Dozens of fashion- and workwear websites already use the Size Me Up assistant, such as Shoeby, Proforto, Butcher of Blue, Les Soeurs, A fish named Fred, The Stone, Soccerfanshop, Male Lions, JHP Fashion, Harper and Yve and many others are fan!

Faslet wants to work with the online clothing retailers where returns are a pain point, so that they get one step closer to the sustainable mission of ensuring that every Faslet user always orders the right size in one go.

For more information on Faslet, click here.