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How a t-shirt inspired the new virtual try-on swipe app Zyler

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Everyone has probably had a moment in their lives where they fell in love with a dress or a shirt on a hanger, only to try it on in person and instantly fall out of love. It is notoriously difficult to imagine how a particular garment will look on your body without physically trying it on, which is why most consumers still prefer physically shopping for clothing. However, with the global pandemic outbreak last year, fashion brands and retailers were forced to rethink how to best showcase their garments to consumers at home. At the same time, it also drove forward the digital shift, supported by new innovative solutions, such as Zyler's virtual clothing try-on solution. Developed by Anthropics, a tech company specialising in visual and animation software, Zyler's virtual try-on enhances shoppers’ digital experience and helps retailers reduce returns while promoting body diversity and inclusivity.

"The whole idea for Zyler came from this t-shirt I saw on while I was on holidays with friends," explains Tony Polichroniadis, Chief Scientific Officer at Anthropics. "I saw this t-shirt that I wasn't sure I would ever wear in a design store in Kyoto, Japan and was immediately intrigued by it. I decided to try it on and immediately fell in love." Polichroniadis realised that he needed to experience that strong, visceral reaction to the t-shirt to confirm his purchasing choice - something which he could only achieve by trying it on. A few years later, while thinking about what direction Anthropics wanted to take their new AI software, he was reminded of his shopping experience, which marked the start of Zyler. "Together, we developed a system that would genuinely show people what they would look like in an outfit online."

Launched last October, Zyler's virtual try-on solution lets users upload their own photos to digitally try on clothing from fashion brands and retailers around the world. Easy to use, Zyler shows shoppers how they would look in an outfit quickly and accurately while letting retailers showcase entire outfits to shoppers in one go. "Coming from a company which aims to help improve people's lives from tech helped us shape the tool," adds Polichroniadis. Following the exceptional events of the past year, where more consumers have spent more time indoors than ever before, Zyler aims to help fashion retailers and shoppers connect virtually while encouraging consumers to try on something they may never have thought to or dared to in person. Due to Anthropics extensive experience with visual software, retailers just have to share a photograph of a model wearing an outfit they would like to promote. The software then takes the users photograph to create a new image of them in the same outfit. Users can easily adjust different body proportions to create an exact lifelike virtual copy of themselves. "You can use any photo you like and instantly upload it into Zyler to see how outfits from retailers look on virtually."

Since its launch, Zyler has seen very positive reactions from consumers and retailers alike. Many praise it for its simple interface and lifelike images. Easy to use, Now, Zyler's new swipe app aims to take things one step further by aggregating different outfits from retailers and brands and letting consumers try on as many outfits as they want to in one go. Mobile and desktop friendly, the Zyler swipe app shows users themselves in various ensembles from retailers, which they can swipe left or right depending on their taste. Users can save the outfits they like, share them with friends, go directly to brands or retailers’ websites, and purchase them online. "We feel the Zyler app helps consumers discover new brands and share outfits they love with others while appreciating themselves and their bodies in a whole new way." In addition, the more one uses the Zyler Swipe app, the more it will understand users' own unique style and show them outfits that they will like, becoming more selective with time. As shoppers only purchase outfits or items they feel will look great on them, the Zyler swipe app aims to reduce returns and help retailers cut down on waste generated from deliveries, placing sustainability and inclusivity at the centre of the app. "The Zyler Swipe app will hopefully become a virtual place for shoppers to try on outfits, discover new brands and experiment with different looks they can share with friends."

Founded in 1998, Anthropics Technology started as a research and development team with a mission to “invent the future of digital media”. They began by developing animation software for mobile phones in 2005, with software being implemented by major brands such as Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, O2, Vodafone, and Sprint.

Anthropics launched PortraitPro in 2006, an intelligent AI-based portrait-editing software. The product has won numerous industry awards and gained a global following among photographers looking for the best quality. Further desktop products aimed at landscapes, bodies and general photography subsequently followed.

In 2016, Anthropics launched MyMy Makeup; a white-label product that digitally applies ultra-realistic makeup to users. From there, they began creating innovative try-on solutions for brands including L’Oréal, Pantene, and St Tropez.

Bringing together decades of experience in image editing and augmented reality, Zyler was created. Staying true to Anthropics' principles of beautiful results with minimal user effort, Zyler is transforming the user experience in the fashion world. Zyler lets you dress well in an instant, automatically showing you a variety of outfits on yourself. You can swipe through and decide which outfits you like and don't like, discover new brands and styles, and try on with confidence.


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