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How AI-driven Product Data Standardization is Optimizing the Fashion Industry

By FashionUnited PR


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Credits: FashionUnited

As fashion retailers gear up for each new season, the time-consuming task of entering or copy-pasting product data often looms large before launching products online. Fortunately, AI technology can handle this repetitive work flawlessly, freeing up human resources for more engaging and creative tasks.

Enriching product data can pose significant challenges—it's often a time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive task that can delay digital product launches. FashionUnited's AI-enabled solution is a game-changer in this regard: It takes the hassle out of data standardization by automating the standardizing and enrichment processes.

Through the use of AI algorithms, the proprietary tool seamlessly converts unstructured and imperfect data into a clean, structured format that can be easily integrated across multiple platforms.

Credits: FashionUnited

Saving Retailers Time and Money

Standardized product information is crucial, not only as a means to maintain data integrity across multiple sales channels, but also to enhance the customer's online shopping experience. A well-organized database makes it easier for customers to search and navigate e-commerce platforms, which in turn fosters increased sales and trust in the brand.

Rather than having hundreds of thousands of retailers spending countless hours standardizing data to fit their respective systems, FashionUnited’s solution takes the work out of their hands in an easy and reliable manner.The process not only elevates the customer experience but also substantially cuts down on operational expenses and reduces human-caused data errors.

Standardized Data Key in Fast-evolving Industry

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, brands find themselves wrestling with the complexities of optimizing product data management across their entire value chain. Database Management Standardization is more relevant than ever with the EU’s ongoing efforts to introduce mandatory Digital Product Passport (DPP).

FashionUnited has combined industry expertise with powerful AI technology to offer a highly efficient product data standardization that easily integrates with existing technology stacks, making it a go-to solution for brands.

Want to save time and money? Email catalog@fashionunited.com for more information.

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