How Technology Can Transform Your Fashion Business

In fashion, the smallest detail can make or break a design. In an industry where the fine points matter -- the placement of a zipper, the contrast fabric of a lining -- ERP software, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, becomes the paramount solution for managing all business processes smoothly. The reality is the business of fashion is highly complex, with supply chains, vendors, retailers, customers and every conceivable department using different software and programs to process data. Life can get very confusing and time consuming.

And when time is of the essence, as it always is, cloud-based solutions are becoming the only viable option. Fashion companies big and small are looking to integrate their data and processes into one centralized system, so that management of their brands and businesses becomes easier. Itsperfect, a Dutch fashion tech company offers just the solution, the ability for fashion companies to focus on what matters, while the technology means every single process can be handled from its software.

Itsperfect is much more than a system for wholesaling brands, it is a one-stop totality of all that is integral to running a fashion company, allowing users to fully control and coordinate any process be it design, production, order intake, logistics, finance, retail, e-commerce and more. With a setup that takes just minutes, Itsperfect can be accessed anywhere, anytime, whether you need to download a spec sheet on a factory visit, send a real time stock update for a drop shipment to Asia, or work out the costings of your latest design.

Insights that matter

Delving deeper into its mechanics, online solutions have to provide the insights and accessibility needed so managers can be quick to respond. The analytics and reporting function offered by Itsperfect is a database created specifically for the fashion industry, focusing on the most needed insights such as financials, sales, logistics, purchase and production, all of which can be customized and strategically shared with whom it matters.

The bigger picture

How Technology Can Transform Your Fashion Business

Having strong digital platforms and technologies is a key driver for growth in the current marketplace. Successful fashion companies are harnessing cloud-based solutions to optimize efficiency. It is no secret the level of efficiency in the fashion supply chain has not kept up to date with technology, a core solution offered by Itsperfect. The disconnect between sourcing, manufacturing and retailing is not just a logistics issues, but also part of the bigger picture of a changing industry and its impact on waste, climate change and questionable labour practices. This is why transparency is vital and the features offered by Itsperfect have the capacity to boost efficiency and bridge the gap between fashion companies, suppliers and customers.

If your business is ready for a technology makeover and to embrace innovation, Itsperfect packages begin at just 199 euros per month.


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