Huber Group acquires Hom

Huber Group has acquired French men’s underwear brand Hom from the Triumph Group, as it sets its sights on expanding its activity in the premium men’s underwear category.

Hom had been part of the Triumph Group for 28 years, but its sale is part of Triumphs strategy to refocus its brand portfolio, concentrating on its biggest global brands, which mainly target female consumers.

Huber, a family-run Austrian company, which manufactures and distributes underwear, pyjamas and swimwear, plans to capitalise on Hom’s heritage and its strong emphasis on consumer engagement. It also hopes to leverage Hom’s position in the French market with customers such as Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, as well as its international reach in twenty countries throughout the world.

It is the international market, which current generates 60 percent of Hom’s annual turnover that the Huber group are eager to expand, with America being a target market for expansion.

Huber Group acquires Hom

To ensure that the DNA and “savoir-faire” that have made Hom successful are preserved, Huber and Triumph International have jointly agreed a sale and purchase of Hom in its entirety, and will see the current managing director, Regine Weimar remaining in her role.

Triumph sells men’s underwear brand Hom to Huber Group

Commenting on the sale, Weimar, said: “It will really be a win-win partnership. With this acquisition, Hom will open the door to the high-end male market for Huber. We will support Huber in tapping deeper into the French and Asian markets, benefiting from the reputation, distribution channels and image of the Hom brand.

“In return, Huber will invest in our development strategy and will continue to provide us with access to a very competitive quality production tool. We will also benefit from Huber’s own distribution network, which will provide us with the means to develop the Hom brand, particularly in the USA.”

Karl Michael Millauer, CEO of Huber, added: “To add the premium French men’s underwear brand to our group will create new opportunities for Hom and Huber alike. Our group's history is in the underwear category, we have been making underwear since 1908. We warmly welcome the Hom team to our group and look forward to building a stronger business as we move forward.”

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