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Infographic - The menswear market

By FashionUnited

8 Nov 2016


The menswear market is currently growing faster than the womenswear market - signalling a shift within the fashion industry. As more men paid attention to what brands they buy and styles they wear, the segment becomes a significant driver of growth for designer brands and mass-market retailers a like, leading to the rise of stand alone men’s fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York and Milan. However as more brands unify their men’s and women’s shows into a single event, the future of men’s fashion weeks remains uncertain. As the men’s market stands at turning point, FashionUnited takes a moment to share some of the facts and figures on menswear.

Infographic - The menswear market

This is the tenth installment and last of a new series based on the fashion statistics pages, a product of FashionUnited Business Intelligence. These pages include data on the domestic market size of apparel and footwear, facts and market values on the largest fashion companies and fashion employment statistics. Interested in more data on the menswear market, please contact BI@fashionunited.com.


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Infographic: FashionUnited

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