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Introduction to the Thalé Blanc Lady

By Sponsor

20 May 2021


Every woman makes a statement whether she intends to or not. What if I told you that everyone has the power to control that statement and that statement can be a culmination of their dreams? Dreams are powerful tools if we allow ourselves to follow them. They give us insight into our desires, our goals, our truth. At Thalé Blanc, we invite you to dream with us, and enter our whimsical, beautiful, unconventional, edgy world where we combine the luxe colors of India, the embroidery and elegance of the Middle East, the fine craftsmanship of Italy, presented in stylish flair of Los Angeles to bring joy to the daily moments of our lives.

Our tightly woven collections of couture quality handbags, statement jewelry, chic sportswear, and lavish fashion pieces touch upon all facets of a modern woman’s daily life and are anything but restrictive. Pieces transport our Thalé Blanc women from errands, the workplace, and time at home to playtime at lunches and evening dining. Anywhere the TB Lady goes she makes a statement, because she IS the statement when she allows herself to live her dream. Our pieces are luxurious, extravagant yet tasteful, and supremely crafted so that our customers are delighted. So, the question is not who wants a piece of the dream that is Thalé Blanc, but who doesn’t?

About Thalé Blanc

Thalé Blanc is a luxury fashion brand known for its finely crafted designer handbags, clothing, accessories and jewelry founded by Deborah Sawaf in 2013. Sawaf was inspired by the beauty surrounding her to follow her love of fashion to it’s ultimate culmination in creating a brand that blends beauty, grace and power, with compassion, charity, and joy. Every piece produced is as masterfully fabricated as a fine piece of artwork with attention to intricate detail, line, grace and proportion. At Thalé Blanc, East meets West in a merger of feminine with a touch of Edge.

Thalé Blanc by Deborah Sawaf dresses the ladies around the world and fits them with fashion to bring their inner fierceness to the forefront. No matter where she is, the TB Lady can feel confident knowing that she is the subject of every sentence, and the period at the end of every statement.

At Thalé Blanc, we know our consumers buy a feeling. A shock of blue threaded by a gold tulip stitch on the shoulder of our Thalé Blanc lady (TB Lady) transports her to the bustle of Colaba Causeway Market in Mumbai, India. The yellow fringe swings as she peruses the vast collection of intricately crafted items that fill the vibrant crowd. Colors swirl and envelop the TB Lady in the bright motif of Mumbai. And then she’s off, traveling to Dubai, the deep purple of her jumpsuit matches the flowers in the Dubai Miracle Garden. Her orchid necklace mirrors and magnifies the simple beauty around her as the sunshine bounces off the gold cheetah belt on her waist. Tranquility gives way to lively luxury as the night pulses in the warm desert. The TB Lady slinks through the scene with the gold emblazoned cheetah cuff on her wrist, the playfulness of the day exchanged with the rich deepness of the night. The studded city of Dubai turns into the green pastures of Northern Tuscany, which holds the glistening shore of Forte dei Marmi- the birthplace of our Audrey bag after a slumber in Audrey Hepburn’s scallop interiored home. The TB Lady picnics in the gorgeous natural scenery, the silk twilly on her olive dress coat playing in the gentle breeze with the swaying grass. Her Italian hand woven basket bag overflows with the fruit of the field, sown in spades, just as the stitching on the TB Lady’s pockets sews success. Finally, the TB Lady makes a pitstop in Los Angeles, running errands in her Aston Martin down Rodeo Drive. In chic sportswear, she takes on the day with all the power and poise that she possesses. The tall trees and distant hills line the landscape, and her sparkling black crewneck shines under the LA light. The crystal ribbon weaves together her morning and night as the busy sunny day warrants a trip to a trendy rooftop bar up in the hills. The TB Lady dons her Swarovski headband to glitter like the stars and grabs her silver scalloped Audrey clutch for a night on the town.

Visit Thalé Blanc on their website: thaleblanc.com

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