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Invest in innovative AI sizing fashion startup

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There is a growing need for smart technology in the fashion industry.

Bigthinx is a deep-tech startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence for fashion, retail and fitness. Bigthinx's B2B2C AI software carry out a 3D body scan using only two photos from a smartphone and calculate 44 precise body measurements and body composition ratios with over 95% accuracy. The AI creates a personalized virtual avatar and digitally recreates 3D clothing from any 2D image instantly to show how it would look, fit and drape as if in reality. These measurements and avatars can be used for accurate size predictions, mass customization of clothing, and made-to-measure fashion.

Customers buying apparel online have a poor idea of how it would look and fit, and end up abusing free returns policies as home trial rooms. Brands lose a tremendous amount of money on shipping and damages from free returns. The environment also suffers since low value returns are often destroyed. Bigthinx helps consumers find their perfect size and fit, and brands benefit from reduced returns and increased customer engagement.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs with exits in the USA, Bigthinx is internationally recognized as one of the foremost innovative deep-tech companies in the world. It recently won the award for the Best Use of AI in Fashion at the world’s largest AI awards in London.

Bigthinx is now based in Milan in a program featuring the world’s top ten fashion-tech companies, organized by Startup Bootcamp by means of a global selection tour lasting 2 months during which the leading European accelerator visited 13 global fashion hubs and interviewed more than 1200 fashion-tech startups.

Would you possibly want to invest in this fashion AI startup? Please send a message to [email protected] for more information.

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