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Key Numbers: How much money New York Fashion Week makes

By Vivian Hendriksz



London - With the official kick off of New York Fashion Week AW17 a few days away, the event signals the start of the international fashion week calendar. However, in an industry currently going through a stage of disruption, FashionUnited asks how much money this bi-annual fashion showcase generates, and how much money the city itself generates from hosting such an extravagant event? Is the Big Apple still the holy grail of Fashion Week? Or has another of the international fashion week taken over?

Key Figures for New York Fashion Week AW17:

  • Unique visitors: 150,000
  • Total Income: 598 million dollars (540 million euros)
  • City Income: 68 million dollars (61.5 million euros)
  • Business Income: 530 million dollars (497.7 million euros)
  • Venue Income: 199 million dollars (179.8 million euros)
  • Restaurant Income: 148 million dollars (133.5 million euros)
  • Retail Income: 119 million dollars (107.8 million euros)
  • Accommodation Income: 132 million dollars (119.6 million euros)
  • Average Visitor Spend: 2660 dollars (2404 euros)

*The currency and foreign exchange rates used above are from early January 2017

According to FashionUnited's calculations, New York Fashion Week is still in the lead, generating 540 million euros per fashion week - the highest total income of all the international fashion weeks.

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Photo: Marchesa, September 2016, NYFW Facebook

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