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Key Numbers - This is how much New York makes during New York Fashion Week

By FashionUnited


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New York Fashion Week kicks off the international ready-to-wear fashion week season, today.

But how beneficial is it financially for a city to hold a fashion event twice a year? According to calculations carried out by FashionUnited, the total income for New York during New York Fashion week is 574 million dollars per season. That means that New York Fashion Week brings in more money than the U.S. open and the NYC marathon. The other impressive thing about New York Fashion Week generates more money than any other major Fashion Week.

Key numbers New York Fashion Week

  • Number of visitors 150,000
  • Total income 574 million dollars
  • Municipality income 64 million dollars
  • Business income 509 million dollars
  • Venue income 201 million dollars
  • Restaurant income 149 million dollars
  • Retail income 120 million dollars
  • Accommodation income 103 million dollars
  • Average expenditure per visitor 2,485 dollars

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The international Fashion Week season for women's ready-to-wear kicks off in the month of September, with all eyes set on New York, Paris, London and Milan for next seasons latest trends. For all the women's wear catwalk season must reads, click here.

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