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Mango StartUp Studio invests in market analytics start-up

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Analytics Credits: Pexels

High street fashion retailer Mango is making strides in innovation by investing in Flipflow, a startup specialising in market analytics and real-time stock control across diverse marketplaces.

The strategic move, facilitated through Mango's accelerator, Mango StartUp Studio, involves supporting Flipflow with a convertible equity loan, symbolising the startup's integration into the accelerator program.

In a collaborative effort, the Flipflow team will benefit from mentorship provided by Mango experts, aiming to synergize their efforts and enhance the technological capabilities of their project. This strategic investment marks the sixth venture by Mango StartUp Studio since its inception in 2022, reflecting the company's commitment to fostering innovation within the fashion industry.

Flipflow, founded in 2021 and based in Valencia, has set out to revolutionise market analytics and competitive intelligence for brands and retail entities. Their mission is to provide a real-time, comprehensive view of products, competitors, and market categories on a global scale. This investment aligns with Mango's broader initiative through the StartUp Studio, which focuses on early-stage companies contributing innovation to the fashion value chain, with a particular emphasis on technology and sustainability.

The accelerator's approach spans the entire value chain, from product creation and sourcing to distribution, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall customer experience within the fashion industry.